Injury Free Coalition for Kids

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center is part of the Injury Free Coalition for Kids, a coordinated effort among Level 1 Trauma Centers throughout the country that works to prevent and reduce youth injuries through an array of programs and initiatives.

Injury Free Hartford

Injury Free Hartford serves the greater Hartford area by providing safety and injury prevention information to schools and other kid-focused organizations in the community. As Connecticut Children’s educates children and families through our programs, we hope to change the way they think injury prevention and safety.

Walking School Bus
The Walking School Bus assists Hartford Public Schools in making students’ walks to school safer. The program provides adult supervision for the walk to and from school, which also makes children more visible to drivers and prevents harassment by other kids. 

Pedestrian Safety
The Injury Prevention Center provides pedestrian safety education to Head Start programs throughout the city

Smoke and Carbon Dioxide Detectors at Home
House fires are one cause of injuries that occur among young children in a residential setting. To reduce this risk, our intervention program addresses the problem of missing or non-working smoke and/or carbon dioxide (CO) detectors in homes. Community youth groups in the South End and North End of Hartford promote the importance of smoke and CO detectors and conduct a survey before, during and after participation in the program to ensure families are safe.

Fall Prevention
Falls from a height are a major cause of injury among young children. The use of gates in doorways and/or at the top and bottom of stairways can prevent unattended children from sustaining injuries due to a fall. Youth-led safety campaigns include inquiries around children in the home and the use of gates and/or window guards.

Special Kids Support Center
Injury Free Hartford works with the Special Kids Support Center at Connecticut Children’s to ensure that children with special needs and complex medical conditions are safe at home and in the community. 

Violence Prevention Program

The IPC at Connecticut Children’s is an authority on youth violence and prevention. Its Violence Prevention Program combines research with violence interventions, leveraging the evidence-based understanding that youth who have positive adult role models have greater chances of improving all aspects of their lives. The program provides training in a range of topics that support violence prevention in childhood and adulthood.

Domestic Violence Prevention
CUT IT OUT is a domestic violence prevention program dedicated to mobilizing salon professionals and others to fight the epidemic of domestic abuse in communities across the United States. CUT IT OUT trains salon professionals to recognize the signs of domestic abuse and builds awareness through materials displayed in salons. Connecticut Children’s Violence Prevention Program partners with salons in the community to implements CUT IT OUT programs.

School-based Bullying
Connecticut Children’s lends technical assistance to schools implementing violence prevention curricula, such as Second Step. The program also helps schools promote critical social skills development and a positive school environment. 

Suicide Prevention
Suicide is a major public health threat in our communities. Connecticut Children’s is part of the effort to make suicide prevention information and strategies widely available.

Gun Buyback Program
The Gun Buyback Program, a collaborative effort among Connecticut Children's Medical Center, Hartford Hospital, St. Francis Hospital, Community Renewal Team, the City of Hartford, the Hartford Police Department, and the Emergency Nurses Association, is an annual event that raises awareness about responsible and safe ownership of guns. People may turn in unwanted firearms in exchange for a $25 or $75 gift card. For more information, call 860.249.1072.

If your organization or school is interested in any of these injury prevention and safety education programs and initiatives, please contact the Injury Free Coalition for Kids at 860.545.9988.