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Tips and Advice

Babysitting: Numbers to Know
What numbers should you keep on hand when babysitting? Who should you call if something comes up? Get advice on these topics and more in this article for teen babysitters.

3 Things Every Responsible Babysitter Should Know
It's extremely unlikely that you'll face an emergency while babysitting. But knowing you're capable of handling problems allows you to relax and focus on the kids.

Babysitting: Changing Diapers
If you're babysitting infants and toddlers, diaper changing is a skill you need to know. Here are some tips for teen babysitters.

Babysitting: Bathtime
Bathtime may seem like a fun activity, but there's a lot to watch out for when bathing kids. Get the details on bathing babies and kids in this article for teen babysitters.

Babysitting: Bedtime
Whether it's choosing safe sleeping environments for babies or handling an older kid's stall tactics, this article for teen babysitters offers tips for making bedtime easier.

Babysitting: Pool Safety
Pools give kids an opportunity to play outside and get some exercise. But there are dangers involved whenever kids are around water, so babysitters need to be extra alert and watchful. Learn what to look out for.

Babysitting: Driving Kids
Driving with young kids in the car can be different from the driving you're used to. If you're a teen babysitter with a driver's license, you'll want to read our tips on taking kids along for the ride.

Babysitting: Olivia's 10 Tips
Olivia babysits for seven different families, caring for kids who range in age from 1 to 12. See her top 10 tips for being a great babysitter.

Babysitting: Playground Safety
Outdoor play areas provide kids with fun, fresh air, and exercise. But they can also be safety hazards. If you're a babysitter, here's what to know when it comes to play equipment.

Babysitting: Dealing With Temper Tantrums
Kids don't have the skills to control their tempers the way we can, so tantrums are a fact of life for most babysitters. Find out how to tame tempers and get advice on avoiding a meltdown in the first place.

Babysitting: Emergencies
At most babysitting jobs the worst thing that happens is a fight over the last ice pop. But what do you do if there's really an emergency? Get some tips in this article for teen babysitters.

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Babysitting: What Do You Know?
Take our quizzes to test your knowledge and discover how prepared you are to babysit.

Babysitting: Caring for Kids With Special Needs
What's the best way to feel confident about caring for a kid with special needs? Know what to expect! Here are tips on looking babysitting kids with autism, Down syndrome, and ADHD.

Babysitting: Caring for Kids With Medical Conditions
If a kid you look after has a health problem, you can avoid a lot of the worry by asking the right questions and preparing for your time together. Here are some tips and ideas for teen babysitters.

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