Pediatric Obesity Center for Treatment, Research & Education

The Pediatric Obesity Center for Treatment, Research and Education at Connecticut Children’s offers behavior-based weight management programs for children, adolescents and families. Our multidisciplinary team of top endocrinologists, surgeons, psychologists, dietitians, and physical therapists use a comprehensive approach to weight management. We focus on:

  • Educating families about the benefits of healthy eating and an active lifestyle
  • Changing behaviors to establish healthier physical and emotional lifestyles
  • Emphasizing setting and achieving realistic goals
  • Providing a supportive environment to help overcome barriers

Children and families may participate in our weight management programs based on a thorough assessment of the child’s age, degree of obesity, family background, and a psychological profile. Connecticut Children’s is the only hospital in the state that provides adolescents with a surgical option for weight management.