Our Team

Connecticut Children's Center for Digestive Diseases includes board-certified physicians, highly-skilled nurses and registered dietitians who care exclusively for children of all ages.

Jeffrey Hyams, MD
Division Head, Center for Digestive Diseases

Zev Davidovics, MD

Karan Emerick, MD

Melissa Fernandes, MD

Franziska Mohr, MD

Jasmeet S. Mokha, MD, MPH

Wael Sayej, MD

Peter Townsend, MD

Bella Zeisler, MD

Samantha Lee, APRN

Heidi Sweeney, APRN

Kristin Philipp, MSN, APRN

Petra Amrein, RN, BSN
IBD, Clinical Care Coordinator

Phyllis Bebyn, RN

Penny Becker, RN

Diane Dacunto, RN

Karen Kearns, RN

Raeanne Kelly, RN 

Lori Schuppe, RN

Melissa Veillette, RN

Lori White, RN, BSN
IBD Clinician

Beth Chatfield, RD, MS

Donna Gitt, RD

Susan Goodine, RD, CD-N

Katie Samela, RD, MS, CSP

Kate Vance, RD, CNSC