Every member of Connecticut Children's Cardiology team is a trained and certified pediatric specialist. Our specialists span all areas of pediatric cardiology, from fetal cardiology to adults with congenital heart disease. No other program in Connecticut provides pediatric cardiac specialists along the full spectrum of patient care.

Dedicated specialists are the heart of our program

Connecticut Children's has 10 general and subspecialty cardiologists and two cardiac surgeons. Our cardiology specialists handle more than 7,000 pediatric patient care visits and perform more than 100 heart surgeries each year. Meet our team »

Full evaluation and results at every visit 

At each visit, patients may obtain an evaluation by a pediatric cardiologist, an electrocardiogram by a pediatric-trained technician, and an echocardiogram by technicians specializing in congenital heart defects. The team will provide a full evaluation and results during the visit.

Advancing heart care

Connecticut Children's is researching early markers of heart muscle function abnormalities. By detecting problems early, we anticipate the ability to target treatments that prevent further heart muscle problems before patients become high-risk. Learn more about our research »