Cardiothoracic Surgery

Pediatric cardiothoracic surgery specialists with exclusive, specialized training in all aspects of congenital heart disease provide world-class care to infants, children, and young adults who require surgery through our joint program with Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital called Northeast Pediatric Specialists (NEPS). They collaborate with experts in maternal-fetal medicine, pediatric cardiac anesthesiology, nursing and intensive care to provide comprehensive treatment to patients.

Our pediatric heart surgeons use advanced surgery techniques for:

  • Correcting congenital heart defects, flaws or abnormalities present at birth
  • Repairing acquired heart conditions or injury to the heart caused by trauma
  • Fixing conditions such as holes between chambers of the heart, valve problems and abnormal blood vessels
  • Repairing damage to the heart by the same bacterium that causes strep throat (rheumatic heart disease)

Congenital heart defects range from relatively minor to life-threatening, and afflict more than 30,000 newborns born in the United States each year. While heart disease in adults typically follows a predictable pattern, congenital heart disease in children ranges across a wide spectrum, with no two conditions exactly alike. Surgical treatments for congenital heart conditions require specialized skill and a high level of expertise.

With a focus on patient- and family-centered care, our pediatric cardiothoracic surgery team can care for your child’s heart disease present from birth, and those that appear as your child grows. When patients turn 21, we offer a seamless transition to the adult congenital heart program.