Physical Therapy

Connecticut Children’s highly skilled physical therapists provide comprehensive evaluation, consultation and diagnostic services to children (birth to age 18) who are affected by acute or chronic illnesses and disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, myelomenigocele, muscle disease, autism spectrum disorders, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, torticollis, plagiocephaly and orthopaedic/sports medicine injuries. Physical therapy (PT) focuses on improving a child’s function in several areas, including:

  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Pain management
  • Range of motion
  • Strength and endurance
  • Walking and mobility

Our clinical expertise emphasizes recovery, health and fitness while enhancing performance and maximizing children’s abilities to function within their daily environment. Connecticut Children’s provides personalized care in close collaboration with families, referring health care providers and community resources. Specialized PT services at Connecticut Children’s include:

  • Adaptive equipment evaluations
  • Aquatic therapy
  • Biofeedback
  • Gait analysis and training
  • Gross motor skill evaluation and training
  • Manual
  • Neuro-developmental treatment
  • Physical agent modalities
  • Power mobility evaluation and training
  • Sports medicine
  • Therapeutic taping and garments

Physical therapy is also available to children who may be staying at Connecticut Children’s for a period of time. Our PT experts help children affected by brain or spinal cord injuries and complex medical conditions regain the necessary functional skills to re-enter their home, school and community.

Sports Physical Therapy

As part of our Elite Sports Medicine (ESM) program, Connecticut Children’s sports physical therapists have extensive experience in rehabilitating all conditions whether caused by wear and tear, by an unrelated health event or by a serious athletic injury. In collaboration with Connecticut Children’s sports medicine specialists and patients’ physicians, sports physical therapists work to develop personalized treatment plans to help athletes return to the playing field as quickly and safely as possible.

Our state-of-the-art facility is a motivating environment that allows close interaction between athletes and physical therapists. In addition to treatment, we provide ongoing education to athletes, families, coaches and physicians, and encourage active patient and family participation during the rehab process. To treat a variety of conditions, ESM physical therapists are specially trained in several sophisticated rehabilitation techniques such as the Graston Technique®, prolotherapy and stretching.