Children's Center for
Community Research (C3R)

The Children's Center for Community Research (C3R) is dedicated to conducting community-based collaborative research with the goal of improving the health of children and families. C3R uses a public health approach to conduct multi-faceted, interdisciplinary collaborative research on critical contemporary health issues facing children, including chronic disease, health disparities and their determinants, and optimal models of health management. Children's Center for Community Research works to encourage, facilitate, and provide an infrastructure for the performance of clinical, behavioral and translational research conducted by investigators in a variety of community settings including schools, homes, community organizations, and ambulatory practice settings. In addition, C3R is committed to the training of investigators and community stakeholders in community-based research.

Asthma Programs

The Asthma Center at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center was established in March 2001 based on the success of our nationally recognized Easy Breathing© program, which changed pediatric asthma management throughout Connecticut. The infrastructure of the Asthma Center is supported by Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, while specific programs and activities are supported through extramural grants. Current programs include:

  • Easy Breathing
  • Building Bridges: Advancing Education by Improving Asthma Management in Inner City Children
  • Payer-Provider Portal to Enhance Easy Breathing Adoption

For more information, please contact Jessica Hollenbach at 860.837.5333.

Obesity Programs

C3R is a recognized local leader in childhood obesity prevention research and is a resource and coordinator of community obesity prevention efforts.

The Hartford Childhood Wellness Alliance  (HCWA) is a working collaboration among community organizations, schools, early childhood and daycare centers, as well as local and regional government, aimed at preventing and decreasing childhood obesity in Hartford and improving the overall health and wellness of children.

Other programs include:

  • Steps to Growing up Healthy
  • Added Value of Telephone Calls and Home Visitation in Helping Children to Grow up Healthy
  • Hartford Childhood Wellness Alliance

For more information, please visit the C3R website.

Adolescent Health and Development

Research in C3R focuses on both normal adolescent development and adolescent problem behaviors (especially psychological problems and substance use). Our work focuses on risk and protective factors and addresses the question of why some adolescents from disadvantaged backgrounds turn out to be well-adjusted, whereas others do not. Please see the Adolescent Adjustment Project website for additional information.

C3R Pediatric Academic Associates

The primary goal of the Pediatric Academic Associates program is to increase young investigators' skills in community-based research activities. Our goal in this program is to use an interactive format with experts from stated disciplines to provide in-depth training in specific areas with clear outcomes. The class meets monthly for didactics and to work on the investigator's specific project interest. Prior sessions have focused on grantsmanship, instrument development, qualitative research techniques and working with minority populations. Investigators who are interested in learning more about the Pediatric Academic Associates program should contact Annamarie Beaulieu, 860.545.8976.