The Hartford Childhood Wellness Alliance

C3R is a recognized local leader in childhood obesity prevention research and is a resource and coordinator of community obesity prevention efforts.

The Hartford Childhood Wellness Alliance (HCWA) is a working collaboration among community organizations, schools, early childhood and daycare centers, as well as local and regional government, aimed at preventing and decreasing childhood obesity in Hartford and improving the overall health and wellness of children. The alliance provides a structure through which organizations like advocacy groups, health care centers and practitioners, researchers in public health and the social sciences, and community members can coordinate and integrate initiatives in the common interest of creating healthy environments for children and families. The goal is to create synergy among all those in Hartford who are interested in fighting and preventing childhood obesity. Current programs include:

  • Steps to Growing up Healthy
  • Added Value of Telephone Calls and Home Visitation in Helping Children to Grow up Healthy
  • Early Childhood Obesity Prevention: Building Healthier Families and Communities (ECHO)
  • Hartford Childhood Wellness Alliance