Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Connecticut Children's Medical Center is dedicated to meeting the communication needs for individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing. Interpreters are available by request for deaf and hard of hearing patients, family members and companions. Appointments are made in advance to ensure that all medical information is understood and that there is an opportunity for questions to be answered in the most effective and convenient way possible. To learn more call, 860.545.9700 or 860.545.8330 TTY.

Loaner Hearing Aid Program

At one time or another, most hearing aids require some repair. Since this process can take between two and four weeks, our loaner hearing aid program is designed to maintain your child’s access to sound while repairs are made. As long as your child has visited Connecticut Children’s Medical Center for a hearing aid assessment and has had a hearing test within the past year, you can request a loaner hearing aid for up to two weeks.

Connecticut Children’s loaner hearing aids are digital behind-the-ear hearing aids, fit to the needs of each child. They are available at all Connecticut Children’s locations where audiology services are offered.

To request a loaner hearing aid for your child, please call 860.545.9642. Learn more about the Loaner Hearing Aid Program.