Family Advisory Board

The Family Advisory Board (FAB) is a voluntary group that includes family members of current or former pediatric patients of Connecticut Children's. Board members lend parent, patient and provider perspectives to help improve the overall patient- and family-centered health care experience at Connecticut Children’s.

Connecticut Children’s FAB provides members with a place to meet, a dedicated employee liaison, tracking of annual accomplishments, representatives from specialty family advisory boards, access to serve on hospital committees and admission to the annual Connecticut Children’s FAB Summit.

For some parents, it can be very empowering to be part of a group that works to make critical medical services better, stronger and more patient- and family-centered. Being a Family Advisory Board member means that a parent:

  • Has a child who has received services at Connecticut Children's Medical Center
  • Supports the mission of the hospital
  • Shows concern for more than one issue or agenda
  • Interacts well with many different kinds of people
  • Sees beyond the family’s own personal experience
  • Respects the perspectives of others
  • Works well in partnerships with others

How to Apply

There are several steps in the application process to become a member of one of Connecticut Children’s family advisory boards.

  • Membership application
  • Phone interview
  • FAB parent conversation
  • Background check
  • Flu shot (mandatory)
  • Orientation with Volunteer Services

If you have questions, or for more information, please contact Steve Balcanoff, 860.837.5671.

Specialty Family Advisory Boards

In addition to the Connecticut Children’s Family Advisory Board, there are a number of specialty FABs that focus on specific medical conditions. Like the hospital-wide FAB, specialty FABs consist of volunteer members and are required to work in alignment with Connecticut Children’s mission. All FABs organize their purpose and structure using the Connecticut Children's bylaws template.


The cancer Family Advisory Board at Connecticut Children’s is a voluntary group that includes family members of current of former pediatric cancer patients and medical professionals who care for children with cancer. They provide insight, guidance and support to families with a child undergoing cancer treatment, and work to continually improve the patient- and family-centered health care experience at Connecticut Children’s. For more information about the cancer Family Advisory Board, send an email or call 860.545.9293.

Cystic Fibrosis

The pediatric patients, parents and healthcare professionals at Connecticut Children’s are uniquely qualified and committed to embrace families in need of physical, emotional and social support within the cystic fibrosis (CF) community. The CF Family Advisory Board acts as a voice for improvement and is a forum to share the issues or concerns of patients and families to the CCCFC. Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month (September-May) from 6:30-8 pm in Connecticut Children’s conference room E, near the cafeteria. To RSVP, call 860.545.9876


The Diabetes Family Advisory Board at Connecticut Children’s includes families of children diagnosed with diabetes and offer insight into diagnosis, diabetes management and our transition program. It is also a forum to provide feedback on Connecticut Children’s diabetes and endocrinology programs. For more information, contact Sharon Werner, RD, CDE.

Weight Management

Connecticut Children’s Weight Management Family Advisory Board is made up of families who participated in one of our weight management programs. They provide program insight to other patients and families, and offer feedback so that Connecticut Children’s may continually improve its programs. For more information, send an email or call 860.545.8364.