Pain & Palliative Medicine


Did You Know?

Dr. Manworren is a nationally rated women's gymnastics judge and the Team USA coach for Special Olympics.

Renee C.B. Manworren, PhD, APRN, BC, PCNS-BC, FAAN


Education: BSN, Loyola University Chicago, 1988
MS, Rush University, 1994
PhD, University of Texas at Arlington, 2010
Fellowship: Ferne C. Newman Kyba Fellow, 2010
Mayday Pain & Society Fellowship: Media and Policy Initiative, 2012

Board Certifications

Pain Management Nursing
Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist

Faculty Appointment

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, University of Connecticut School of Medicine
Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut School of Nursing 


Dr. Manworren is an internationally known lecturer and expert in clinical mangement of pediatric acute pain. She is on the board of the American Pain Society, ChildKind International, and master faculty of the American Society for Pain Management Nursing. Her research focuses on the role of the family and innovative methods of managing post-surgical pain. Dr. Manworren and her collaborators, Drs. Ruano and Seip at Hartford Hospital, recently received funding to interrogate genetic mechanisms of pain sensitivity and alterations in analgesic metabolism to identify potential risk factors for post-operative pain and adverse analgesic effects. Dr. Manworren is one of the primary mentors for Connecticut Children’s nurses who are interested in research.

Published Research

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