Leadership & Board of Directors

Executive Management Team

Martin J. Gavin

President and Chief Executive Officer

Andrea L. Benin, MD
Senior Vice President, Quality and Patient Safety

Paul Dworkin, MD
Executive Vice President, Office for Community Child Health

Fernando Ferrer, MD
Surgeon-in-Chief and Director, Pediatric Urology
Chief Physician Executive, Executive Vice President, Clinical Affairs

Patrick Garvey, CPA, CHFP
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Cheryl Hoey, RN
Vice President, Clinical Services and Chief Nursing Officer

Lawrence Milan
Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Dean Rapoza
President, Connecticut Children's Specialty Group

Thomas C. Richardson
Vice President, Strategic Planning, Corporate Communications and Marketing

Juan C. Salazar, MD, MPH

Kelly R. Styles
Vice President, Operations and Chief Information Officer

Ann Taylor, JD
Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel

Craig Bonanni, MD
President, Medical Staff

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and Connecticut Children's Medical Center Corporation, Inc.

Board of Directors
Marilyn Bacon, MD
E. Clayton Gengras, III
Jeffrey Hoffman
Cato Laurencin, MD, PhD
Soren Torp Laursen
Robert M. Le Blanc
Edward Lewis
H. Mark Lunenburg
Katherine O. Nixon
Kolawole Olofinboba, MD
William Popik, MD
David Roth
Anne P. Sargent
Robert Shanfield
Charles Shivery
Frank Torti, MD, MPH

Ex Officio
Martin J. Gavin, President & CEO
Sally MacGilpin, Co-President, Friends
Craig Bonanni, MD, President, Medical Staff

E. Clayton Gengras, III, Chair
William Popik, MD, Vice Chair
Martin J. Gavin, President
Patrick Garvey, Treasurer
Robert Shanfield, Secretary

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Foundation, Inc.

Board of Directors
Thomas O. Barnes
John M. Barry
Scott Fanning
Glen R. Greenberg
Jeffrey Hoffman
Robert M. Le Blanc
James Manafort, Jr
William Popik, MD
Charles Shivery
Lauren K. Zeligson

Ex Officio
E. Clayton Gengras, III, Chair, CCMC Corporation
Martin J. Gavin, President & CEO
Martha Schall, President, Foundation
Chrissy Monaco, Co-President, Friends

Jeffrey Hoffman, Co-Chair
Glen Greenberg, Co-Chair
Martin J. Gavin, CEO
Martha Schall, President
Patrick Garvey, Treasurer
Lauren K. Zeligson, Secretary