Success Stories

Our success is a reflection of the amazing people whose lives are changed by the compassionate care provided by Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. From the incredibly strong children and families we treat, to the top-notch doctors who we are proud to have working here and the generous donors who support our mission to improve children’s health, we celebrate the stories that define who we are.

Great Kids & Families

A Great Summer is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Children across Connecticut are looking forward to the beginning of summer vacation and Olivia Belfonti is no different. Olivia, of Southington, is planning to spend as much time as she can swimming and riding bikes with her big sister Maddie. All fairly normal activities, except that Olivia is far from normal. She’s exceptional because she’s a survivor. Read the full story

Giving Back to Connecticut Children’s is a Sweet Project for a Former Patient

As a premature newborn, Ally Lewis received care at each of Connecticut Children’s neonatal intensive care units, and she returned to the medical center for follow-up care on a regular basis over the next few years. As a 7th grader, Ally began selling cupcakes in her neighborhood to raise money to purchase toys for patients at Connecticut Children’s. The fundraiser has been a success and Ally is an inspiration to all. Read the full story

Complex Surgery Helps Newborn Twin Catch Up to Her Brother

A few hours after she was born, Grace Catalano was on her way to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Within two days she would have her first surgery. Read the full story

Teamwork is Key in 8-Year-Old’s Treatment

A team approach to caring makes a vital difference in the lives of patients and families of the Craniofacial Team at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. One such patient is 8-year-old Khyre Morris of Simsbury who was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. Read the full story

Great Doctors

Rheumatologist’s Recipe for Success Focuses on the Basics

The success of the Division of Rheumatology at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center is based upon one simple premise according to its director Lawrence Zemel, MD: customer service. Read the full story

Connecticut Children’s Receives National EPA Award in Asthma Management

Connecticut Children’s national profile was raised when it was selected to receive the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 2012 National Environmental Leadership Award in Asthma Management for its exemplary efforts to deliver high-quality asthma care that includes environmental controls. The award honors 14 years of dedicated work, led by Michelle Cloutier, MD, director of Connecticut Children’s Asthma Center, for improving asthma management and outcomes for children. Read the full story

Pediatrician Hopes Genetics Study Will Help Children Breathe a Little Easier

Improving the treatment of children with asthma through the study of genetics is a research goal of Christopher Carroll, MD, MS, a pediatric intensivist in the Division of Critical Care at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Through his research, Dr. Carroll hopes to identify children who are at risk for severe asthma attacks, and examine if genetics affect how children respond to specific therapies. Read the full story

Connecticut Children’s Takes the Lead in Pediatric IBD Research

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) affects more than one million adults and children in the United States alone. Twenty-five to 30 percent of all new cases are in the pediatric population — and the problem is growing. Poorly treated pediatric IBD leads to significant and severe gastrointestinal symptoms, growth failure, hospitalizations, surgery and impaired quality of life. Jeffrey Hyams, MD, founded the Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease Collaborative Research Group to help change that. Read the full story