For Health Care Professionals

Connecticut Children’s excellence is a reflection of the concerted effort among our medical staff, community providers and the health professionals who we collaborate with in our mission to improve children’s health. We work with a robust network of health care practitioners that reaches far beyond the walls of Connecticut Children's, mutually supporting care that protects the best interests of patients and families.

As the only freestanding medical center in Connecticut dedicated to caring exclusively for children, Connecticut Children’s is an asset to the pediatric medical community. We seek to engage our community practitioners in ongoing, cutting-edge education and training, to lead the development of care methods that benefit patients, communities and providers in the most impactful ways, and to be readily accessible to referring pediatricians and specialty care providers who require our coordinated support in ambulatory, diagnostic or therapeutic care.

Our programs, such as Educating Practices in the Community (EPIC) and Co-Management, directly support community pediatricians’ ability to provide preventive care and appropriate levels of treatment for their patients. Opportunities for Continuing Medical Education, held throughout the year and across the state, are another way Connecticut Children’s nurtures the surrounding medical professionals and promotes improved child health. For referring providers, we continue to improve the relationship and processes that help us mutually deliver the best patient service possible.