Care Navigator

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center has endeavored in a five-year project to develop and implement a customized electronic health record (EHR) system called Care Navigator.

Electronic health records improve the delivery of health care by providing a single convenient, secure location for health care organizations to document and coordinate health information for every patient. Care Navigator stores accurate and complete information about patients’ health care history, which can be shared electronically with other care providers so they can better diagnose individual health problems and reduce medical error. This improves care quality, patient safety and the security of patients' private medical information.

Once implemented, Care Navigator will be the primary mechanism for Connecticut Children’s and other participating health care organizations to gather and manage health information. The system integrates inpatient and outpatient clinical records, test results, appointments, registration, referrals, pharmacy requests, billing, and other related functions across Connecticut Children’s locations.


Connecticut Children’s is fully committed to ensuring our EHR is both user-friendly and functional for employees, referring providers and patients and families. Before developing Care Navigator, we assembled an interdisciplinary team of clinical staff, physicians, referring providers and members of Connecticut Children’s Family Advisory Boards to participate in decision making throughout the development process. These team members represent the different individuals who ultimately will use Care Navigator to do their jobs every day.

Benefits for Referring Providers

This leading-edge technology augments the relationship between Connecticut Children’s and referring providers. Care Navigator facilitates communication and gives both parties access to their specific patient information, through electronic portals provided at no cost to the referring provider. Providers and Connecticut Children’s employees benefit from:

  • Electronic referrals
  • Notifications of important patient health interventions
  • Enhanced decision support, clinical alerts, reminders and medical information
  • Legible, complete documentation that facilitates accurate coding and billing
  • Interface with labs, registries and other EHRs and health information exchanges (HIEs)
  • Continuity of care

Providers seeking to leverage the best practices of Connecticut Children’s EHR implementation have the option to purchase the system for their own practice.

Implementation Process

Implementing Care Navigator across Connecticut Children’s main campus, ambulatory clinics, neonatal intensive care units, Connecticut Children’s – Waterbury, and referring provider practices will be accomplished through a staggered rollout. Referring providers will receive educational materials and training well in advance, in order to support the transition to using Connecticut Children’s EHR.