Medical Records

Connecticut Children's staff is here to help referring providers obtain medical records regarding their patients for whom we have provided care. Safeguarding patient information is our priority. We limit the faxing of medical records to urgent circumstances only, and in some cases, signed disclosure authorization is required before we can provide the requested medical information.

Practice Use

To request information regarding your patients for whom Connecticut Children’s has provided care, please contact the specialty department directly, at the number listed here. A disclosure authorization form is not necessary.

Patient or Family Requests

If your patients or their parents would like a personal copy of their medical records, they will need to complete and return our Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information form. Under Connecticut law, the child's parent/legal guardian is required to sign the authorization in order for us to process the request. Please advise patients to return completed forms by mail or by fax.

Mailing address
FPP Medical Records Department
282 Washington Street
Room 1377
Hartford, CT 06106
Fax: 860.545.8380

Due to a high volume of requests, we process all routine requests within 30 days unless a timeframe is indicated on the release form. We are pleased to accommodate patients’ urgent needs, however we do limit the faxing of medical records to situations when information is necessary for patient care (such as a visit to a specialist following an Emergency Department visit) and, for emergent situations, information including results of HIV tests, substance abuse, sexually transmitted disease, and mental health information.

For questions related to release of medical records, call 860.545.8024 on weekdays, from 8 am - 5 pm.