annual_report_2012.pngAnnual Report
Connecticut Children’s year-end report includes financial and statistical data and a listing of our medical staff and donors. A patient story is featured highlighting our advanced care for children.

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NursingAnnualReportCover.jpgPediatric Nursing Annual Report
This publication showcases the work Connecticut Children's nurses have done to advance higher care standards and improve quality outcomes.

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thumbnails_2010-09_report.jpgCommunity Report
This publication highlights Connecticut Children’s commitment to children in our community, the state and across the country.

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FriendsWinterNews.jpgHelping Hands
A newsletter from the Friends of Connecticut Children’s who support the hospital through fundraising activities.

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PartnersinCaring_MarApr15.jpgPartners in Caring
This newsletter highlights Connecticut Children's Foundation activities and our many generous friends and donors.

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PedMattersSpring2015.JPGPediatric Matters
This publication focuses on news, donor events, happenings, initiatives and medical breakthroughs at Connecticut Children’s.

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MedicalNews_Spring2015.jpgMedical News
This newsletter provides a pediatric medical update for referring providers and the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.

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WeAre_Winter2015.pngWE ARE Connecticut Children’s
The employee magazine features Connecticut Children’s culture.

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