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This newsletter provides a pediatric medical update for referring providers and the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.

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Winter 2015

New President and CEO Arrives
Connecticut Children's welcomed its new president and chief executive officer, James E. Shmerling, DHA, FACHE, in early November.

Pediatric Grand Rounds Goes Live
This fall, Connecticut Children's began live streaming all Grand Rounds presentations, which take place on Tuesday mornings from 8 to 9 a.m. in Gilman Auditorium.

Case Review: Object Lesson
A 15-year-old nonverbal female with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy presented to an outside hospital (OSH) with a three-day history of decreased activity and oral intake, fevers to 101 F and labored breathing.

UTC Family Resource Center Opens
Connecticut Children's officially opened the doors of the United Technologies Family Resource Center at a ribbon-cutting on Thursday, October 22.

A Better Way to Diagnose Ear Infections
A new partnership between Connecticut Children's and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has fostered new approaches to diagnosing middle ear diseases.

Treating Esophageal Abnormalities Through Bioengineering
Christine Finck, MD, chief of pediatric surgery at Connecticut Children's, is making great strides in finding a potential cure for the life-threatening congenital birth defect, esophageal atresia.

New Cardiovascular Care Center Opens
In September, Connecticut Children's Vincent J. Dowling Family Cardiovascular Care Center officially opened its doors on the Medical Center's main campus in Hartford following an 18-month construction project.

ROCKS Clinic Launches
The newly formed Center for Urology and Nephrology launched the multidisciplinary ROCKS (Reduction of Children's Kidney Stones) clinic, which is dedicated to caring for children who have or at risk for kidney stones.

"Angel Eyes" in NICU
Parents whose newborns are being cared for in Connecticut Children's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Hartford can now see their babies anytime from their mobile phones or computer.


Fall 2015

Hospitalist Coverage Expands - Connecticut Children's is extending its daytime in-house hospitalist coverage into the evening hours beginning this fall.

Early Treatment Best for Gender Dysphoria - Children and teens with gender dysphoria are at high risk for depression, anxiety and even suicide, but early intervention can significantly reduce those risks.

Case Review: Failure to Thrive in a Teenage Boy - A 15-year-old boy presented to the gastroenterology clinic for evaluation of chronic intermittent abdominal pain for at least one year and poor weight gain for several years.

Urology, Nephrology Form New Service Line - Connecticut Children's divisions of Pediatric Urology and Pediatric Nephrology have joined forces to form a new service line called Connecticut Children's Center for Urology and Nephrology.

New Partners in Education - Connecticut Children's is now a clinical education site for third-year students from Quinnipiac University's Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine.

Surgery Now Offered in Danbury - Children who live in the Danbury area can now have outpatient surgical procedures performed by Connecticut Children's physicians without having to travel far from home.

Honing Skills Through Simulation - Two Connecticut Children's subspecialists have teamed up to provide simulation training for the Medical Center's otolaryngology and anesthesia residents and operating room staff.

Additional Providers Join Sleep Center - Two experienced clinicians have joined Connecticut Children's Sleep Center in Farmington to provide additional expertise and meet the growing demand for the center's services.

Partnership with Baystate Announced - Connecticut Children's and Baystate Children's Hospital have established a new partnership in pediatric neurosurgery.


Summer 2015

Comprehensive Lyme Disease Program Launched - This spring, Connecticut Children's Division of Rheumatology introduced a unique resource for families and referring providers with patients who either don't respond to treatment or who have complicated Lyme disease.

A Quarter-Century of Injury Prevention - Since its establishment in 1990, Connecticut Children's Injury Prevention Center has pursued its mission with passion and rigor and become a model for other programs across the U.S.

Case Review: Diagnosing Lung Lesions - A 17-year-old female with Type 1 diabetes mellitus presented to Connecticut Children's with three weeks of cough, left-sided chest pain and gradually worsening dyspnea.

President and CEO Announces Retirement - Martin J. Gavin will continue to lead the hospital until a successor is chosen and in place, but expects to step down prior to the close of the 2015 calendar year.

Powassan Virus in Perspective - Dr. Nicholas Bennett, medical director of infectious diseases and immunology, shares his point of view on the tick-borne infection known as the Pawassan virus.

Trauma Program Earns Reverification - Connecticut Children's has been reverified as a Level I Pediatric Trauma Center by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

Learn About Genetics in Primary Care - Scientists from Jackson Laboratory's Farmington-based genomics medicine institute will present two talks on how pediatricians and family medicine specialists can incorporate genetics into their practices.


Spring 2015

First With Improved Cardiac Device - A Connecticut Children's cardiologist recently became the first physician in the state to implant a next-generation heart monitor in a pediatric patient

Lengthening Limbs from the Inside - A new device approved by the FDA early last year is revolutionizing limb lengthening in pediatric patients.

Case Review: Rare Presentation of a Rare Disease - A previously healthy 14-year-old female was referred to Connecticut Children's emergency department by her primary care provider with one week of chest pain and difficulty breathing while playing soccer.

Antimicrobial Stewardship: What Every Provider Can Do - Dr. Nicholas Bennett shares insights on how to make sure antibiotics are administered properly.

Preventing and Treating Overuse Injuries - With spring at hand, community pediatricians are likely to see an increase in young athletes with problems such as tendinitis, ligament sprains and avulsion fractures.

Pediatric Breast Disease - This article reviews the most common breast and breast bud conditions, and provides practical guidelines for evaluation and referral.

Rapid Response to Airway Emergencies - Connecticut Children's Critical Airway Response Team, which was created in mid-2012, has had approximately 50 activations so far, and all patients have survived their airway crises.


Winter 2015

Amazing Recovery - A young patient makes a dramatic recovery from severe injuries thanks to fast, comprehensive trauma care

Interstate Clinical Collaboration Launched - Connecticut Children's and Baystate have launched a new collaboration addressing potential ways to improve access to high-quality and high-value care for children in Connecticut and western Massachusetts

Case Review: Age is a Clue to Accurate Diagnosis - A 17-year-old female presented to Nephrology for a history of edema and proteinuria

Spotting Measles - Measles may mimic other diseases

Research Aims to Prevent ACL Reinjury - Can computerized motion analysis better predict when it's safe to return to sport?

Expert Surgical Care for Heart Defects - Connecticut Children's treats all congenital heart defects and achieves outcomes superior to the national average




Summer 2014

Sedation Services Continues Growth - Proposed center will spare even more children from the pain and stress of medical procedures

Infant Breathing and Reflux Program Provides Comprehensive Care - A dedicated team provides both inpatient and outpatient services

Case Review: Infant's Recurrent Skin Infections - A 6-day-old male presented initally with a vesicular rash with diffuse crusting, desquamation and discharge from eyes, umbilicus, genitalia and rectum

Physiatrist's Expertise: Optimizing Function - Children whose functional ability is impaired or at risk due to chronic, acute, congenital or acquired conditions can benefit from the expertise of a pediatric physiatrist

New Co-Management Plan Available - A new co-management plan for premature adrenarche adds to a growing portfolio of collaborative care tools at Connecticut Children's

Cardiology Services Expand in Western Connecticut - Connecticut Children's Division of Cardiology recently became the primary provider of pediatric cardiac services for Danbury Hospital

New Primary Care Center Now Open - This spring, Connecticut Children's opened its new Primary Care Center at 76 New Britain Avenue in Hartford

Multidisciplinary Clinics Launched - Urology and Nephrology have teamed up to provide quality care that's convenient for patients and families


Spring 2014

Urology-Nephrology Clinic Launched - Connecticut Children's divisions of Urology and Nephrology are joining forces to hold regular, multidiscliplinary clinics focused on conditions that often require the care of both specialties

Newest Farmington Site Facilitates Collaboration - Three Connecticut Children's departments that collaborate frequently on the care of patients recently began offering expanded services at 505 Farmington Avenue in Farmington

Case Review: A Breathtaking Illness - A 6-month-old previously healthy female was transferred from a community hospital to Connecticut Children's Emergency Department with a three-day history of fever and increased work of breathing

A New Approach to Phychiatric Emergency Care - Connecticut Children's Emergency Department is reconfiguring the way children presenting with psychiatric issues are evaluated and managed

Featured Subspecialist: Heather Schlott, MD - Since 2008, Dr. Schlott has played a key role in developing the hospital's programs in CRRT and ECMO therapy

New Sleep Medicine and Neurodiagnostic Lab Enhance the Patient Experience - Patients who need sleep studies, EEGs or EMGs on an outpatient basis will have them done in greater comfort at Connecticut Children's spacious new Sleep Medicine and Neurodiagnostic Center

Misconceptions Still Swirl Around Lyme Disease - Lawrence Zemel, MD shares more information about common misconceptions around Lyme Disease

New Leadership Structure in Hem/Onc - A new leadership model has been developed to support the broad expansion that will continue to take place

Investigators Receive Genomics Institute Grants - The Institute for Systems Genomics at the University of Connecticut recently awarded $1 million to four collaborative research programs, three of which include researchers from Connecticut Children's

Research: Taking a Global Perspective - Connecticut Children's pediatric urologist John Markari, MD is engaged in research aimed at obtaining a global view of trends in his specialty


Winter 2014

Farmington Surgical Center Opens - Connecticut Children's new, state-of-the-art surgery center in Farmington is up and running

Case Review: More than a Rash - A 25-month-old male was referred to Connecticut Children's Emergency Department by an outside ED for evaluation of an apparent period of altered mental status

Featured Subspecialist: Caring for Adults with Congenital Heart Disease - Meet Shailendra Upadhyay, MD, who is one of fewer than 100 fully trained adult congenital cardiologists nationwide and one of only two in Connecticut

Ski Program for Children with Special Needs - More than two dozen children with special needs will have fun skiing the slopes of Mount Southington this winter, thanks to a remarkable program called Skiers Unlimited

New Guidelines to Help with Tympanostomy Tube Decisions - The guidelines cover care for children ages 6 months to 12 years, help guide decisions regarding treatment of ear infections and specifically aim to clarify for whom tympanostomy tubes will be most beneficial

Groundbreaking Study Reveals Inconsistent Data Collection at Milk Banks - The newly established Connecticut Human Milk Research Center at Connecticut Children's recently published its inaugural paper




Fall 2013

New Discharge Sheet: Clear, Effective, Timely - A new Electronic Discharge Instruction Sheet (EDIS) will improve Connecticut Children's communications with both primary care providers and patient families

Primary Care Providers Opt for Hospitalist Care - Since Connecticut Children's Hospitalist Service was launched in 2000, an ever-increasing number of referring providers have chosen to entrust it with their patients' care

Case Study: This Bud's NOT for You - A 23-month-old female was transported via Emergency Medical Services to Connecticut Children's Emergency Department for vomiting and changes in mental status

New Ambulance Rolls Out - Connecticut Children's Critical Care Transport Team recently unveiled a state-of-the-art ambulance it will use to transport both neonatal and pediatric patients from hospitals throughout the state and region

Learn to Lessen the "Ouch" - Free on-site training is available to make injections less painful

New Director at Children's Center for Community Research - Connecticut Children's is delighted to welcome Christine McCauley Ohannessian, PhD, as the director of the Children's Center for Community Research (C3R) at Connecticut Children's.

Dessy Bell Teaches Hearing Lessons - A very cool mannequin named Dessy Bell (get it?) is helping Connecticut Children's teach young people about the risks of noise-induced hearing loss.

Study: Self-Hypnosis for Post-Op Pain - Can learning self-hypnosis techniques before surgery help adolescent patients better manage post-operative pain?


Summer 2013

A Neurosurgical First at Connecticut Children's - This spring, Chief of Neurosurgery Paul Kanev, MD performed Connecticut Children's first craniotomy for modified hemispherectomy in a patient with epilepsy

Case Review: "Oh, and by the Way..." - A previously healthy 15-year-old boy presented to Connecticut Children's Waterbury at St. Mary's Hospital for an elective procedure

Preparing the Clinical Researchers of Tomorrow - Undergraduate pre-med students at the University of Connecticut are gaining valuable experience in clinical research, thanks to an innovative program offered by UConn and Connecticut Children's

Physician of the Year Named - Catherine Wiley, MD, medical director of Primary Care at Connecticut Children's, was chosen by her peers as physician of the year

Featured Subspecialist: John Brancato, MD - Dr. Brancato specializes in pediatric emergency medicine

Down Syndrome Program Complements Care - Primary care providers, subspecialists and parents have a valuable local resource to turn to for help in meeting the unique needs of children with Down Syndrome

Mission: Global Health Care - Adam Silverman, MD, along with a group of colleagues, is launching the Global Healthcare Project, an initiative he hopes will result in many more clinicians from Connecticut bringing medical care to places that need it so much

Morning Check-In Promotes Safety - Every morning, staff members throughout Connecticut Children's participate in a structured, efficient, 15-minute phone call aimed at ensuring the highest possible level of patient safety

Team Approach Benefits Babies with PRS - Connecticut Children's multidisciplinary Craniofacial Team has extensive experience evaluating and treating babies with the various conditions associated with Pierre Robin sequence



Spring 2013

Connecticut Children's Pioneers Sedation Training - Connecticut Children's was the first hospital in the Northeast to offer the Society for Pediatric Sedation's Sedation Provider Course

Case Review: A Purr-Fect Storm - A previously healthy 8-year-old male was transferred to Connecticut Children's Emergency Department from a community hospital ED with altered mental status associated with vomiting, fever and thrashing of his extremities

Down Syndrome Program Launched - Connecticut Children's has collaborated with the Down Syndrome Congress to launch a Comprehensive Down Syndrome Program, the first of its kind in the state

Featured Subspecialist: National Foundation Honors Hyams - Jeffrey Hyams, MD has received the Scientific Achievement in IBD Clinical Research Award from the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America

Referring Provider is a Co-Management Fan - Jennifer Schwab, MD of Rocky Hill Pediatrics says Connecticut Children's Co-Management Plans are vital components of her practice

Neuroendoscopy Offers Advantages - The minimally invasive technique is one component of comprehensive neurosurgical care

Featured Subspecialist: Live Surgery Enlivens Conference - Christina Kim, MD moderated a live video feed of a robotic surgery case being performed at the University of Chicago and sent via satellite to the New Orleans Convention Center during the American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Meeting last fall

Enhancing Orthopaedic Care - Mark Lee, MD has a special interest in research aimed at improving care for children with spinal disorders



Winter 2013

Connecticut Childrens's Joins National Surgical Quality Improvement Program - Participation underscores commitment to providing the highest quality surgical care

Case Review: Abdominal Pain, With a Twist - A 14-year-old with no significant medical history presented to the Emergency Department with abdominal pain

Clinical Trials: Optical Techniques for Diagnosing Ear Infection - Connecticut Children's pediatric otolaryngologist Tulio Valdez, MD, aims to address this problem with an innovative tool that's more accurate than an otoscope in diagnosing children's ear infections

Rehabilitation Capabilities Expand - Connecticut Children's Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics is now the Division of Developmental and Rehabilitation Medicine

Preventing Overlapping Concussion Syndrome - "I believe that if we remain diligent in the diagnosis of concussions and continue this diligence to the management of concussions, we will better prevent the more severe condition of OCS as well as the rare, yet catastrophic, SIS," says David Wang, MD

Featured Subspecialty: Cardiology/Cardiovascular Surgery Initiative Advantage - "Comprehensive" is the watchword as the program adds staff, expands research and upgrades communications




Fall 2012

Advanced Intestinal Rehabilitation, Close to Home - Connecticut Children's Multidisciplinary Intestinal Rehabilitation Team helps newborns with intestinal failure thrive and survive

Case Review: ECMO in Action - A 1-day-old male infant was referred from the St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center NICU to the Connecticut Children's ICU for progressive hypoxia and hypotension

NIH Grant Funds Ulcerative Colitis Study - Connecticut Children's has received a $10.5 million grant from the National Institute of Health for a five-year, first-of-its-kind study of the effects of standardized therapy for children with ulcerative colitis

Featured Subspecialty: Pain Relief Program - Connecticut Children's Pain Relief Program is part of the Division of Pain and Palliative Medicine

Featured Subspecialist: Paola Palma Sisto, MD - Dr. Palma Sisto joined Connecticut Children's Division of Endocrinology in January 2012

Connecticut Children's Receives EPA Award for Asthma Management - The federal Environmental Protection Agency has honored Connecticut Children's with the 2012 National Environmental Leadership Award in Asthma Management

Rehabilitation Services Upgrades Adaptive Equipment - Enhancements improve children's comfort and quality of life

Let's Hear it for the "A" Team - Advanced practice professionals play a vital role in care at Connecticut Children's


Summer 2012

Joining Forces for Healthy Children - Connecticut Children's 2013-17 Strategic Plan emphasizes the role of partnerships in advancing child health

Opening Airways Faster - Connecticut Children's is one of the first pediatric hospitals in the country to develop a response team for airway emergencies

Case Review: A Typical Case of an Uncommon Presentation of an Uncommon Disease - A 10-year-old girl was referred for a Pediatric Neurology consultation for progressive loss of motor skills over the prior six months

Featured Specialty: Urology Division - Connecticut Children's Division of Urology has grown significantly in the past several years

Clinical Trials: Oxygen Management in Premature Newborns - Maintaining optimal oxygen saturation levels in preterm neonates is a priority in the NICU

Featured Subspecialist - John Makari, MD joined Connecticut Children's Division of Pediatric Urology in August 2008

ED Makes Gains - Quality-improvement efforts in Connecticut Children's Emergency Department have enhanced care and doubled patient satisfaction scores

Chief Medical Information Officer Named - Richelle deMayo, MD has been named Connecticut Children's chief medical information officer

Dworkin to Lead Community Health Efforts - Connecticut Children's longtime physician-in-chief is transitioning to a new role focused on strengthening community-oriented programs and services

Level 4 Maintenance of Certification Quality Improvement Programs Offered - Through Connecticut Children's, referring providers can participate in several Level 4 Quality Improvement Projects to fulfill Maintenance of Certification requirements


Winter 2012

NICU Integration Complete - The NICU at the UConn Health Center officially became part of Connecticut Children's this fall

EHR Implementation to Begin - Connecticut Children's has selected a technology vendor, Epic, to provide its electronic health record software and is finalizing activation plans for the system's rollout

Case Review: Be Alert for These Symptoms - G6PD deficiency is not uncommon worldwide, but is less prevalent in our area and can be difficult to detect due to the majority of patients being asymptomatic

Toward Improved Treatment for Systemic JIA - Lawrence Zemel, MD is conducting clinical trials centered on systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA)

Genetics is Back at Connecticut Children's - After several years of operating solely as part of the University of Connecticut Health Center, the Division of Genetics has returned to Connecticut Children's Medical Center

Featured Subspecialist - Pediatric digestive disease specialist Wael Sayej, MD joined Connecticut Children's in mid-2009 and set to work creating a capsule endoscopy program

Healthy Eating, Healthier Kids - Food is fundamental to good health, and Connecticut Children's offers many resources to help ensure that children get the nutrition they need

Helping Kids Communicate - Connecticut Children's offers expert services to help children overcome obstacles to communication

Easy Breathing Reaches a Milestone - Vernon Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine has the distinction of having recently enrolled the 100,000th patient in Connecticut Children's Easy Breathing asthma management program




Fall 2011

Center for Airway, Voice & Swallowing Disorders Launched - Children with problems involving the larynx will receive more coordinated and efficient care now that Connecticut Children's has launched the Center for Airway, Voice & Swallowing Disorders within the Division of Otolaryngology

Easing the Burden of Pain - Connecticut Children's launched a new Division of Pain and Palliative Medicine this summer with the goal of enhancing the comfort of children and families throughout the state

Case Review: Gastroenteritis or Something More? - A previously healthy 6-year-old boy presented his pediatrician with a history of several days of mild headache, abdominal discomfort, intermittent dizziness and post-tussive emesis

Clinical Trials: Seeking a Better Quality of Life for Patient with Cancer - Can physical activity reduce the fatigue associated with cancer treatment and, in doing so, improve patients’ quality of life?

Pediatric Surgery Fellowship Awarded - Connecticut Children’s has joined an elite group of children’s hospitals that are approved to offer a pediatric surgery fellowship

Preventing STDs in Adolescents - One of the ways Connecticut Children's is working to prevent STDs among adolescents is through the Health Interactive Project (HIP)

Featured Suspecialist - Pediatric rheumatologist Barbara Edelheit, MD came to Connecticut Children's in 2002

Pitching Study Underway - With a $140,000 grant from Major League Baseball, researchers at Connecticut Children's are working to identify pitching motions most likely to stress and potentially injure adolescent pitchers' shoulders and elbows

The Speedy ED - Kids Express is a special area of the ED designed to get low-acuity patients seen, treated and discharged quickly


Spring 2011

Transition, Innovation in Surgery - Christine Finck, MD has been named chief of Pediatric General Surgery at Connecticut Children's

Urology Division's Reconstructive and Solid Tumor Surgical Program Named Premier Program - Children who need even the most rare and complex urological surgical procedures can have them performed right here at Connecticut Children's

Case Review: This Oral Ulcer is Different - AB is a 4-month-old Caucasion male who presented to a private practice with fussiness and poor feeding in the midst of a local outbreak of coxsackievirus

New Resources for Managing Obesity - Physicians at Connecticut Children's have developed resources to help primary care providers ensure optimal evaluation and treatment of children with obesity and related co-morbidities

NIH Research Grant Awarded - Connecticut Children's Department of Digestive Diseases, Hepatology and Nutrition has received a $424,000 planning grant from the National Institutes of Health to help prepare for a larger $5 million, multi-center grant proposal that will be submitted next year




Fall 2010

Recognizing an Emerging Disorder - Eosinophilic esophagitis manifests differently at different ages

Revisiting Lyme - New developments in Lyme disease include affirmation of treatment guidelines and studies showing that 10 days of antiobiotic are as effective as 20

Case Review: A Much-Feared Visitor - TP is a previously healthy 12-year-old girl who presented with lethargy and a purpuric rash

Asthma Clinical Pathway Developed - This clinical tool aims to make the inpatient stay more efficient and evidence-based while maximizing the patient's continued improvement after discharge

Radiology Upgrades Enhance Care - New technology means superior imaging and expanded capabilities


Summer 2010

Physical Therapy Aids Young Athletes - Connecticut Children's Physical Therapy department has several therapists who specialize in sports medicine

Shunt Implant Infection Rate Approaches Rock Bottom - A concerted effort by Connecticut Children's neurosurgeons and operating room staff has driven the rate of infection from shunt implants down to a remarkable 0.8 percent - one-tenth the national average

Case Review: Going Weak in the Knee - A previously healthy 7-year-old boy was referred to the Emergency Department by his pediatrician for evaluation of left-sided weakness

When to Refer Shoulder Pain - Carl Nissen, MD, director of Connecticut Children's Elite Sports Medicine program, provided the information for this column

Sedation Service on Call - Sedation can be an important option when children are facing a procedure or test that is uncomfortable or that requires they remain as motionless as possible


Winter 2010

A Young Life Saved - An injured infant's case demonstrates the value of Connecticut Children's Level 1 Trauma Program

Case Review: Mysterious Back Pain Clue to Rare Disease - A previously healthy 3-year-old male presented several times to his pediatrician in the Primary Care Center at Connecticut Children's with back pain

Youth in Psychiatric Crisis? Call 211 - Connecticut's revamped Emergency Mobile Pyschiatric Service, accessed through 211, is an alternative to ED referrals or calling law enforcement

Lead-Control Project Received - HUD to provide $6 milliion over three years

On-site Rehab for Children with Brain Injury - Children with traumatic or acquired brain injury don't have to leave Connecticut Children's to receive prompt, comprehensive rehabilitation therapy




Spring 2009

NICU is First Premier Program - This designation reflects the NICU's excellence in clinical care, service, education and research

Surgical Hip Dislocation - Connecticut Children's is at the leading edge in correcting hip pathologies through surgical hip dislocation

Grant Promotes Healthy Homes - Connecticut Children's has received an $875,000 Healthy Homes Demonstration grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to remediate health and safety hazards and support healthy homes programs in two Hartford neighborhoods

Case Review - A 15-year-old boy was admitted to Connecticut Children's inpatient service at 2 am after presenting at the Emergency Department. The boy had ingested four capfuls of nutmeg at breakfast 18 hours earlier in an attempt to become intoxicated

When to Refer: Pediatric Gynecology - This articles reviews the most common pediatric gynecologic problems and provides guidelines for treatment and referral


Fall 2009

New Specialty Care Center Opens in Farmington - A broad range of pediatric specialty programs now available closer to home

Preventing Sports Injuries - This innovative program keeps young athletes fit, strong and in the game

Case Review: More Dangers of Dope - A previously healthy 17-year-old boy had a one-week history of malaise, fevers, sore throat, pleuritic chest pain, profound anorexia with weight loss, and night sweats

Help for the Grieving - Connecticut Children's Bereavement Committee offers comfort and support to families who've lost a child

Colloborating in Care - The Northern Connecticut Neonatal Collaborative aims to enhance neonatal care