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Catherine Wiley, MD

Medical Director, Primary Care Center

Practice Name Connecticut Children's Specialty Group

Education:BS, Duke University, 1980
MD, Duke University School of Medicine, 1984

Residency:Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, 1984-1987

Board Certifications
  • Pediatrics
  • Faculty Appointment

    Associate Professor of Pediatrics, University of Connecticut School of Medicine

    Clinical Expertise

    Developmental surveillance and screening, literacy promotion, health literacy

    Selected Publications
    • Wiley C*, Burke GS, Gill PA, Law NE. Pediatricians’ Views of Postpartum Depression: A Self-Administered Survey. Archives of Women’s Mental Health 7:231-236, 2004.

    • Wiley CC*, Lai N, Hill C, Burke G. Nursery Practices and Detection of Jaundice After Newborn Discharge. Archives of Pediatr Adolesc. Med. 152:972-975, 1998.

    • Wiley CC*, Wiley JF. Pediatric Benzodiazepine Ingestions Requiring Hospitalization. Journal of Toxicology – Clinical Toxicology 36:227-231, 1998.

    • Casey R, Wiley C, Rutstein R, Pinto-Martin JA. Longitudinal Assessment for Lead Poisoning. Clin Pediatrics 35:58-61, 1996.

    • Osterhoudt KC, Wiley CC, Dudley R, Sheen S, Henretig FM. Rebound Severe Methemoglobinemia from Ingestion of a Nitroethane Artificial-Fingernail Remover. J Pediatr 126:819-21, 1995.

    • Taubman, B, Wiley, CC, Henretig, FM. The Prevalence of Elevated Blood Lead Levels in a Suburban Middle Class Practice, Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med 148:757-759, 1994.

    • Casey R, Wiley C, Rutstein R, Pinto-Martin J. Risk Assessment for Lead Poisoning in an Urban Cohort with High Socioeconomic Status. Clin Pediatrics 33:480-484, 1994.

    • Wiley CC*, Casey R. Family Attitudes and Household Safety Practices Regarding Firearms. Clin Pediatrics 32:71-76, 1993.

    • Wiley JF, Gelber ML, Henretig FM, Wiley CC, Sandhu S, Loiselle J. Cardiotoxicity Following Astemizole Overdose in Children. J Pediatr 120:799-802, 1992.

    • Wiley JF, Wiley CC, Torrey SB, Henretig FM. Clonidine Poisoning in Young Children. J Pediatr 116:654-658, 1990.

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