Making the Grade: Ace Your Back to School Routine!

child raising hand in schoolAs we bid farewell to summer and head into fall, many of us, both parents and children alike are feeling the varied emotions that a new school year can bring.

Maybe you’re anxious about your little one’s first day. Maybe he or she is nervous about making friends. Whatever the case may be, here are some tips to help both of you battle the butterflies and make the transition to a back to school routine, a smooth one!

• Talk to your child about what worries them and offer reassurance.
Remind them that everyone gets nervous about the first day of school and that it will all be routine in no time! Be sure to emphasize the positives, like seeing old friends, making new ones and getting involved in fun school activities.

• When in doubt, write it out.
A new school year often means a new teacher, new locker combination, new classroom and sometimes a new school altogether. Write down the details on a special piece of paper or notebook so that your child can refer to it during the first few weeks.

• Make organizing school materials a nightly routine.
Have your child prepare his or her backpack for the following school day with all necessary supplies, textbooks and homework. Laying out their outfit for the following day can also be a huge time saver in the morning as can making lunch the night before.

• Establish an appropriate bedtime.
Lack of sleep can make it difficult for children to pay attention in the classroom. It is important to have a consistent bedtime, especially on school nights. Remember, school aged children should be getting at least 10 hours of sleep a night!

• Eat a healthy breakfast.
It’s true. Breakfast is the meal of champions. A healthy breakfast will not only jump-start your child’s day, it will make them more alert in the classroom! We’ve got a whole list of recipes for nutritious and delicious meals that your child is sure to love! 

Heading back to school can be a difficult adjustment for a child who has spent the last few months playing outside, staying up past bedtime and never having to set an alarm clock. But by working together, you and your little one can combat the butterflies and adjust to a healthy, stress-free routine that makes the grade!


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