Advanced Practice Provider Advisory Council

Role and Purpose

To leverage expertise to guide the Office of Advanced Practice Providers (OAPP) and provide information and recommendations to fulfill the vision of making Connecticut Children’s the premier health system in the country for Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) to work, grow and develop their career.

Members will:

  • Shape the future of the OAPP by sharing areas of expertise, feedback and insight regarding professional practice and program development for APPs
  • Develop leadership skills through leading and participating in a committee or special project from planning to completion
  • Serve as an advocate for the OAPP
  • Represent and network with APP colleagues throughout the organization


Several committees were established for member work. They include:

  • Education and Training: APP education series, APP grand rounds, APP annual Summit, coordination and mentoring of Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant students
  • On-boarding/Transition to Practice: Scope of practice, onboarding for new APP team members
  • Communications/Marketing: APP newsletter, annual report, and recognition/award program
  • APP Excellence Award: Select APPs for exemplary demonstration of Connecticut Children’s values in their clinical practice and interaction with patients and team members
  • Professional Advancement Model: Research and build a model for Connecticut Children’s APPs
  • Social Events: Plan and provide opportunities for informal get togethers

Committee chairs organize the work and report progress to the APP Council.

Committee Membership (as of June 2023)

Education & Training

Christina Giudice, APRN (Chair)
Lauren Schmidtberg, PA-C 
Laura Caneira, APRN
Tayler Simmons, PA-C
Rachel Petree, CRNA
Kara Fluck, PA-C (Volunteer)
Rachel Caplan, APRN (Volunteer)

On-boarding/Transition to Practice

Elizabeth Oblon, PA-C (Chair)
Keri Curtis, PA-C
Jim Gerace, PA-C
Jennifer Long, APRN
Micaela Lavoie, PA-C
Krista Ganim, PA-C
Laura Van Dyke, APRN
Emily Tyksinski, APRN (Volunteer)
Basia Adams, APRN
Garry Lapidus, PA-C


Pam Fanning, PA-C (Chair)
Victoria Pohl, APRN
Whitney Fairchild, APRN
Garry Lapidus, PA-C

APP Excellence Award

Kate Steven, CNNP
Jill Sullivan, PA-C
Grace Hong, APRN
Sabrina Colangelo, PA-C
Whitney Fairchild, APRN
Basia Adams, APRN
Garry Lapidus, PA-C

Professional Advancement Model

Meredith Lake, APRN (Chair)
Taryn Hamre, APRN
Elisabeth Campbell, PA-C
Nella Stoltz, APRN
Mallory Fossa, APRN
Basia Adams, APRN

Social Events

Sabrina Colangelo, PA-C
Basia Adams, APRN
Garry Lapidus, PA-C

Floating Members 
Sarah Orlando, PA-C
Jacqui Talbot, PA-C
Thomas Miller, CRNA
Abby Theriaque, APRN
Matthew Light, PA-C

Committee Volunteers
Rachel Caplan, APRN
Kara Fluck, PA-C
Emily Tyksinski, APRN
Bill Seymour

Administrative Assistant
Maria Leuzzi

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