Connecticut Children’s Advancing Kids Innovation Program

The Advancing Kids Innovation Program (AKIP), which is part of Connecticut Children’s Office for Community Child Health, collaborates with individuals and organizations to establish a pipeline of innovations that focus on the health of children and strengthen families.

AKIP engages a broad range of potential community health innovators who are committed to improving the healthy development of children, including:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Businesses
  • Community-based organizations
  • Researchers
  • Behavioral health providers
  • Healthcare providers
  • Healthcare payers

AKIP seeks to support innovations designed to close existing gaps in programs and services currently offered to children across a variety of sectors.

What We Offer

  • Access: to partners, researchers, evaluators, implementation specialists, children’s service providers, public agencies, policy makers, populations of children and families, and funders
  • Expertise: in comprehensive childhood systems and services, program design, process and outcome evaluation, scaling and sustainability
  • Resources: individualized technical assistance, training, tools and pilots

Have an Idea?

Our Community Health Innovation Check-Up (CH-ICU) offers a chance for innovators to share their ideas and work with a panel of experts in children’s health, program design and evaluation.

Participants present their ideas during a one-hour question-and-answer session with our panel and receive a short report detailing additional feedback, recommendations and potential opportunities for continued collaboration.

As a result of engagement with AKIP, innovators will forge stronger connections with other innovators and innovation supporters. Also, potential collaborators will be eligible to receive additional technical assistance from Connecticut Children’s Office for Community Child Health toward the ultimate goal of bringing their innovations to scale locally, statewide and even nationally.

Success Stories

Connecticut Children’s has played a key role in developing, pilot-testing, scaling up and disseminating the following innovations:

Connecticut Children’s Office for Community Child Health partnered with health experts from The Village for Families & Children to develop and pilot the Mid-Level Developmental Assessment, which is a new model to assess children with mild to moderate developmental delays.

Previously, the needs of these children were often going unmet because their concerns were typically not severe enough for publicly funded intervention programs and families were often left with nowhere to turn for help.

This assessment provides a cost-effective and efficient way to determine the needs of these children by avoiding long waits for higher level evaluations that are often more expensive and unnecessary for this population.

The assessment also provides a path for these children to be linked to existing community-based programs and services that can intervene before their concerns escalate.

The assessment is available to children across Connecticut and has expanded to other states.

Connecticut Children’s Office for Community Child Health, through its Center for Care Coordination, developed the Care Coordination Collaborative Model to improve efficiency and effectiveness of care coordination services in the Greater Hartford area and beyond.

Prior to the model, care coordinators from different sectors served the same family at the same time, sometimes unknowingly lining them up with duplicate services, which led to increased costs.

Now, through the model, care coordinators work together in more efficient and effective way.

The model started as a pilot program in Hartford. The Connecticut Department of Public Health is now funding its statewide replication. Additionally, the model has now expanded to other states.

Contact the Advancing Kids Innovation Program

Contact the Advancing Kids Innovation Program

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