Connecticut Children’s Medical Center’s main campus is located at 282 Washington Street in Hartford, Connecticut.

Community Health Innovation Check-Up (CH-ICU)

Connecticut Children’s Office for Community Child Health recognizes the role of innovation in promoting children’s optimal healthy development.

We are committed to supporting innovations that:

  • Can be tested, refined and brought to scale across a broad population of children, at the local, regional, state and/or national levels
  • Use multi-sector approaches to advance children’s health and development

The Community Health Innovation Check-Up (CH-ICU) provides community child health innovators an opportunity to socialize an innovation with a small team of experts in children’s health, program design and evaluation.


The CH-ICU will review innovations that:

  • Address a critical community child health issue
  • Can be placed in the context of the community health system
  • Are defined in terms of core components and structural requirements

How We Can Help

The goal of each CH-ICU session is to provide a quick assessment of the innovation and feedback that will help advance the innovation. The CH-ICU will review the innovation against a set of criteria, including its potential impact, its progress along its evolutionary path, its sustainability, and its ability to be brought to scale. The team will advise where it sees opportunities for the innovation to advance.

Opportunities for advancement include:

  • Accelerated innovation progress due to critical feedback and advice
  • Linkage/referral to other supporters or services that may help advance the innovation
  • Becoming part of a well-connected network of community child health innovators

Who Can Participate?

Entrepreneurs, researchers, innovators, community leaders… anyone who has or is considering implementing a product, service or intervention that meets the criteria listed above. Participants should be seeking guidance and expertise to strengthen their innovations. No sales pitches permitted.

CH-ICU Process

Each session will be scheduled for one (1) hour. The innovator will be asked to take no more than 15 minutes to present their innovation, focusing on the following areas:

  • Impact potential – including definition, scale, intended outcomes, evidence base and validation approach
  • Evolutionary trajectory – including a brief history and next steps planned for the innovation
  • Sustainability – including past, near-term and long-term funding strategies
  • Innovation capacity – including the team’s and/or organization’s ability to advance the innovation
  • Current need and any advice desired from the CH-ICU team

The CH-ICU team will review concepts/ideas, ask clarifying questions and provide qualitative feedback to the innovator. This may include recommendations, connections to other resources or an invitation to participate in other Office for Community Child Health programming.

After the CH-ICU, the innovator will receive a brief report documenting the feedback from the team.

Ready to Schedule Your CH-ICU?

Email our Program Coordinator

CH-ICUs are scheduled as requested at a time convenient to all participants. There are no deadlines.

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