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Funding & Services

Connecticut Children’s Healthy Homes Program receives funding through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the State of Connecticut Department of Housing (DOH). Through the Healthy Homes Program, the combined grant funds help offset or eliminate the costs for home inspections, temporary relocation and removal of health and safety hazards. Property owners are encouraged to apply for funding from both programs.

Lead Hazard Reduction Grant and Healthy Homes Grant

For qualified properties, the Healthy Homes Program will provide the property owner with:

  • Financial assistance to address lead hazards, forgiven over three years:

Single Family — $15,000

2 Units — $23,000

3 Units — $34,500

4 Units — $36,000

5 units — $40,000

6 units or more — $7,000 per unit

  • Inspections and plans for lead hazard removal
  • Relocation assistance during hazard control work
  • Lead hazard education for owners and tenants
  • Guidance through all phases of the program

In return, the property owner agrees to:

  • Contribute a $1,000 registration fee per unit at time of contract signing
  • Manage temporary relocation of occupants
  • Cover costs above the maximum financial assistance
  • Properly dispose of waste materials

For a period of three years after construction is completed, owners agree to:

  • Give priority to families with children younger than six when renting lead-safe units
  • Maintain the units in accordance with the federal Housing Quality Standards
  • Maintain affordable rent levels (per HUD existing Fair Market Rent)
  • Rent units to low-income families as defined by HUD


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