From Our Family to Yours: Pediatric Psychologists Share Favorite Ways to Cope

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Connecticut Children’s pediatric psychologists join the blog with top coping tips for these uncertain times – straight from their families to yours.

#1: Stay connected with others.

Remember, social distancing equals physical distancing, not emotional. Find ways to stay connected!

Our pediatric psychologists are spread across multiple divisions within Connecticut Children’s to support your families, so just like lots of other people right now, we have to find creative ways to stay connected.

These days, that includes a lot of video chats. (We even hosted a virtual dinner as a division!) Want ideas to make the most of your family’s video chats? Check out these 23 video chat activities.

Sometimes we may have to visit people a bit differently too – from a safe distance, or even separated by a glass door.

#2: Find fun family ways to cope in quarantine.

Think about what your family already loves to do to relax, and schedule it regularly as a self-care routine.

Some of our personal favorites? Dance parties, bread baking, video chats, yoga, meditation, art – and getting outside in nature!

Dr. Ayr-Volta's daughter completes yard work.
Lauren Ayr-Volta, PhD, and her daughter keep busy by doing yard work.

#3: Get moving!

A group of Connecticut Children’s female surgeons recently held a friendly competition to see who could achieve the most daily steps. Follow their example!

Download a step-counting app like Stridekick and set up a competition between your family and friends. Who can move up the leaderboard and get the most steps at the end of the week?

For more motivation, check out these blog posts:

#4: Use mindfulness strategies.

If you are a parent trying to figure out how much information to share with your child, check out our developmental pediatrician’s advice on how to talk to kids about COVID-19.

And when the mind starts to get too busy, try some stretching, yoga, an app like Calm, or one of these 12 mindfulness exercises for kids.

Dr. Ayr-Volta's daughter practices yoga
Dr. Ayr-Volta’s daughter practicing yoga.

Remember: We are in this together!

Our pediatric specialists are here to support your child’s physical, social and emotional needs through these challenging times – and always.

Find more coronavirus resources for families >>

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