Happy Holidays During COVID! Week #3: A Decorating Challenge to Help Families Stay Connected in Quarantine

Happy Thanksgiving week! The holiday season is officially here, and from Hanukkah to Christmas to Kwanzaa, your family’s celebrations are probably going to be different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

So Connecticut Children’s is sharing weekly ideas to make the season special, and help kids feel connected to loved ones they can’t see during quarantine.

Here’s last week’s holiday idea.


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Ask any kid: Half the fun of the holidays is decorating! Turning it into a group activity helps your child feel connected to family and friends, and gives everyone something to be excited about.

This holiday season, challenge loved ones to go all-out on decorating a door in their home.

(Fun fact: Team members at Connecticut Children’s go all out decorating their doors. Check out some of the amazing examples below.)

Three doors at Connecticut Children's decorated by team members

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  • The more, the merrier. This door-decorating challenge is a sweet, silly way to connect your child to family, friends and loved ones. Spread the word!
  • Announce a start date and end date. For example, you could kick off the challenge on the day after Thanksgiving, and end on Christmas Eve.
  • Any door will do. It can be a front door so the whole neighborhood gets to enjoy, or an interior doorway for decorations that won’t stand up to winter weather. (In general, paper chains and snow don’t mix well.)
  • Pull out all the stops! If it’ll make your child giggle, it should probably be part of your door décor. See how many Christmas garlands, Hanukkah wreaths, twinkly lights and holiday ornaments you can show off at once! (As always, follow all safety instructions, and make sure all items are safe for your child’s age and developmental level.) Let your child be your art director: If their version of “Christmas cheer” features their beloved action figures… go with it!
  • Use the opportunity to teach your child new skills. Kids who feel confident in their abilities are more resilient during tough times. And learning how to make DIY decorations, from paper snowflakes to pom-pom ornaments, is great practice! Our developmental expert shares how to help children develop new skills.
  • Share the creative process. To make this a bonding activity, make it easy for your child to trade progress updates, sneak-peek photos and behind-the-scenes notes with loved ones. Start a group text thread, email, social media group, or community page like kudoboard.com and encourage everyone to post regularly.
  • Drumroll, please… Plan a video chat event for everyone to present their finished door! If your family is celebrating a virtual Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa, this makes an excellent addition to the agenda.
  • Take lots of photos (and screenshots). Years from now, you’ll look back on your family’s hard work and festive flair, and smile. The holidays may look different during COVID-19. But they’re filled with as much love as ever.

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