School Closure Kit

School closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak mean parents and guardians across the state of Connecticut are now faced with the task of educating their children at home plus keep them happy, healthy and active. So we’ve gathered all the advice you need from our pediatric experts, including how to structure your child’s day, engage them in learning, answer their coronavirus questions – and help your whole family stay calm.

Creating Your Child’s Ideal “Home Office” for Distance Learning

Learn how to create a dedicated office space for your child in which they will love to learn.

Is Your Child Online? Follow 6 Steps for Social Media Safety

Learn some basic steps to keep your child safe online.


Resilience Is Strength: Kids Can Bounce Back From Anything With the Right Support

We hear it all the time: Kids are resilient. But what does that mean, and why does it matter so much right now?

Resilience Is Self-Care: Kids Can Learn How to Manage Stress

Even when they’re sad, stressed or frustrated, kids can learn to trust that they’ll eventually feel better, and how to take care of themselves until they do.


Resilience Is Connection: Strong Relationships Create Strong Kids

How can you keep supportive relationships strong during social distancing?

3 Bedtime Challenges Your Kids Might Be Having Now – and How to Solve Them

There are lots of reasons why sleep may be more difficult for your child during the coronavirus pandemic. Here is some advice on how to help keep your children’s sleep on track from behavioral sleep psychologist Lynelle Schneeberg, PsyD,


Staying Home for a Cause: Social Distancing FAQs

Social distancing can be really hard for all of us, including kids. It helps to understand the reasoning behind it, and to know if you’re doing it right. Here, our pediatric experts break down the what, why and how of social distancing.

14 Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday During COVID-19

This is no time for the birthday blues. You can still put a new spin on the day to make it super special.


Self-Quarantining and Your Family: A Pediatrician Answers Your Questions

Steps you can take to make the process of self-quarantine more manageable and less stressful.

How Is Your Child Coping With COVID-19? Here’s What to Look For

It’s important to take stock of what your child actually understands about COVID-19 and recent developments, and how they’re feeling about it.


6 Strategies For Parents to Keep Calm and Carry On During COVID-19

During stressful times, children need parents to be at their best. Connecticut Children’s pediatrician Rebecca Moles, MD, offers strategies to help.

How to Maintain Structure During School Closures

Kids of all ages (and adults too) perform best with structure. Here are some expert tips on how to create a successful home environment during COVID-19 school closures.


Answering Your Child’s Coronavirus Questions

What do you say when your child comes to you with questions about coronavirus? A developmental pediatrician puts complicated answers into words your child can understand.

8 Tips for Talking to Kids About Coronavirus

How do you approach that conversation about coronavirus with young children? For starters: Find out what they know, acknowledge their fears and model calm.


What Parents Should Know About Coronavirus

With coronavirus on everyone’s minds, we know parents are looking for advice to keep kids healthy. Infectious Disease expert John R. Schreiber, MD, shares the pediatric updates you need.

Leaving Your Child Home Alone? Here’s How to Keep Them Safe

How can you decide if your child is ready to be left home alone – and how will you make sure they’re safe?


23 Indoor Activities for Heart-Healthy Kids

How can you keep your child moving, even when they’re stuck indoors? We’ve put together suggestions for physical activities your child can do inside, with ideas for toddlers to teens.

5 Steps to Choose a Kid-Friendly App

Every month, hundreds of new apps and digital games are released for kids — some beneficial, some harmless and some your child is definitely better off without. How do you choose?


8 Things Parents Should Pay Attention to When It Comes to Their Teen’s Mental Health

Parenting teenagers can be hard, especially with schools closed and normal activities canceled. Check out this article from our archive.

Healthy Delicious Lunch Ideas

Need ideas for healthy snacks and lunches now that the kids are home and not eating hot school lunches? This article from our archive has got you covered.


5 Ways to Keep Your Child Engaged in At-Home Learning

If you feel like you just became your child’s substitute teacher and camp counselor all at once, you’re not alone. Here’s how to keep your child engaged, excited and learning new things during COVID-19 school closures.

Coronavirus FAQs

Physician-in-Chief and infections disease expert Juan C. Salazar, MD, MPH, answers common questions our patients, families and communities are asking.

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