Summer Fun for Your Family


It’s not your typical summer. But there’s still lots of fun in store.

Our pediatric experts have tips for navigating the next few months of the pandemic – including how to stay safe with activities your kids will love.

Is It Safe to Send Your Child Back to Day Care During COVID-19?

Advice for parents as child care centers reopen across the state.

What’s the Risk? A Look at 14 Popular Activities During COVID-19

Advice for popular summer activities that allow social distancing.

14 Summer Camp Alternatives During COVID-19

Check out these great ideas to keep your children busy all summer long.

Is Your Child Online? Follow 6 Steps for Social Media Safety

Summer means more free time. If your child is spending some of it online, here’s how to keep them safe.

40 Ideas for New Family Traditions

Family traditions are a fun way to add stability to a child’s life.

8 Tips to Get Kids Involved in the Kitchen – Plus 3 Healthy Recipes to Start!

Cooking together is a great way to get your child interested in healthy eating, and teach them important skills.

7 Yoga Videos to Help Children Relax, Focus and Move Through Stress

Yoga is a favorite way for children to exercise, practice mindfulness and cope with stress.

14 Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday During COVID-19

This is no time for the birthday blues. You can still put a new spin on the day to make it super special.

Advice for Athletes in COVID-19: Use This Time to Build Strength, Skill and Mental Toughness

Someday, we will return to the sports we love. Until then, take this time to be stronger, faster, and mentally tougher than ever.

Mask Up! Tips to Make Kids More Comfortable With Masks, Broken Down by Age

Even if your child knows they’re supposed to wear a mask out in public, it can take some practice – and positive reinforcement – to get them in the habit.

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