Video Visits Are Here! 5 Reasons to Schedule Today

These days, your family is already staying home as much as possible to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Now you can get pediatric care from home, too.

Connecticut Children’s is excited to announce Video Visits for most specialties, including primary care, for both new and existing patients. Find scheduling information and FAQs at

Nancy Trout, MD, a primary care pediatrician and co-director of the Kohl’s Start Childhood Off Right program, shares five reasons you’ll love this new way to connect with our pediatric experts.

1. Video Visits are convenient.

Video Visits are a way for Connecticut Children’s pediatric experts to provide medical care remotely, by video chatting with you and your child on your mobile device or computer. The online technology enables you to have a live, real-time visit with your child’s doctor from the comfort of your own home, or another secure location. They’re easy to set up, secure and confidential, and covered by many insurance plans.

2. They keep your family safe from coronavirus.

Right now, Video Visits are an important way to minimize your family’s risk of COVID-19 exposure. (They also save time that you would’ve spent traveling to and from an office, and eliminate barriers like transportation.) You can connect with our pediatric experts from wherever you are in Connecticut – and your family can keep up the great work on social distancing.

3. They’re very similar to an in-person appointment.

You’ll have a set appointment time, and you and your child will have face-to-face time with your provider, just as you would in an office visit. Your child’s doctor has access to your child’s medical record to review their medical history and symptoms, and can prescribe most medications if needed. Appointments take the same amount of time as they would in person, and include our same exceptional standards of care.

4. They’re available for lots of specialties and services.

Video Visits can be used for a wide variety of health services. For example, primary care providers can do developmental screenings, manage some behavioral issues, evaluate rashes, treat allergies, manage many different viral and bacterial infections, assess gastrointestinal problems, and manage follow-up visits. They can often do enough of a visual exam on your child to reassure you without you ever having to leave home.

In addition to primary care, Video Visits are available in almost all of Connecticut Children’s specialty areas for new consultations or follow-up visits. For the full list of specialties now offering Video Visits, visit

5. They’re easy to schedule.

Our primary care and specialty clinics are available for live Video Visits for both new and existing patients. If you have questions about whether a Video Visit would work for your family, just call your child’s doctor or specialty, and our team will help you decide.

Schedule a Video Visit now >

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