Special Baby Bottle Makes a Big Difference for Grateful Family

*Editor’s Note* Every year, patient David Newman hosts a lemonade stand to help purchase special bottles for babies with cleft lips. Born with a cleft lip himself, David understands just how important these bottles can be. Below is a thank you letter from a family who directly benefited from his Lemonade Stand.

Finding out that your child has a cleft lip or cleft palate is a very hard thing to grasp. Your emotions are running wild asking yourself a million questions.

My husband and I found out at 20 weeks that our son was going to have a unilateral cleft lip, the exact same thing that I had. We knew instantly who to contact and that was Connecticut Children’s Craniofacial Team, who actually repaired my cleft.

When Anthony was born we found out he actually had a cleft in the soft palate as well. This was more concerning to us because we were always told that the cleft in the palate could make it very difficult for Anthony to gain weight properly. Our saving grace was the pigeon bottle that we received from the Team.

Patient Anthony smilingThis bottle has allowed our son to be able to gain his proper weight and allowed him to be able to eat right after his cleft lip repair two weeks ago. Without sounding overly dramatic, this bottle has been our saving grace and has allowed some type of normalcy into our home.

The only way that we have been able to obtain this bottle has been through the Craniofacial Team because they are very hard to find and also very expensive. One of the best things also about this bottle is that it has allowed our son to be a lot less gassy.

The pigeon bottle allows you to make sure that your baby isn’t sucking in that much air. Finding out that there is a young man raising money for not only our son but other cleft babies to receive this bottle has melted both my husband’s heart and mine.

patient anthony and fatherThis bottle is so important for cleft babies to have. We would like to thank him and the Connecticut Children’s Craniofacial Team for everything that they have done for us.

Thank you.
The Williams Family
Abby, Alex and Anthony

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