We Must Address the Root Causes of Racism, Discrimination and Bias

A Statement from Connecticut Children’s

In the fields of child health and community health, Connecticut Children’s recognizes the impact of racial and social injustice on families and communities. For many of our patients, families, team members and community partners, the consequences brought about by racism, discrimination and bias are dire. As an organization, we embrace the opportunity to address the root causes of such acts in order to promote radical healing, advance justice for our families and communities, and create sustainable change.

We must be clear – racism, discrimination and bias are unacceptable.

In order to bring about a more equitable society, Connecticut Children’s path forward as a healthcare system must include state-of-the-art medical and surgical care, as well as efforts to build stronger systems of support for children and families that address critical social determinants of health.

The following principles guide our work:

  • Embracing the Biology of Adversity, which details the impact of toxic stress on long-term health and development outcomes
  • Recognizing that the drivers of children’s health, development and well-being are largely related to social, environmental, genetic and behavioral influences
  • Strengthening protective factors to ensure families are better able to withstand life’s challenges
  • Engaging all sectors outside of healthcare that influence child health and development outcomes

Connecticut Children’s is proud to join the organizations and advocates around the world working to end racism, discrimination and bias, as well as the disparities that too often result in healthcare, education, employment, housing and other sectors. Our organization supports the Black Lives Matter movement, the Asian and Pacific Islander communities, the Hispanic and Latinx communities, and anyone who is marginalized, oppressed or faces inequities because of their race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, nationality, religion or disability.

At Connecticut Children’s, our ongoing diversity, equity and inclusion work includes a new strategic framework designed to foster improvements in every aspect of our organization, including reducing healthcare inequities, building a more diverse workforce, and providing team members with education and training on racism and unconscious bias. As part of this journey, our divisions and programs are working to strengthen their office cultures. The Pathways to Action Project developed by Connecticut Children’s Office for Community Child Health serves as one of many examples of transformative work going on across our organization under our strategic framework. To be successful, we must measure the impact of our interventions. We plan to do so through an organization-wide dashboard, which will hold us accountable for achieving progress in creating a more inclusive culture.

We are committed to addressing the root causes of racism, discrimination and bias. We pledge to work with our patients, families, team members and community partners across a variety of sectors to reduce the racial and social divide and advance equity.

Learn more about Connecticut Children’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work.

Learn more about Connecticut Children’s Office for Community Child Health.


This statement was informed by team members of various positions and backgrounds across Connecticut Children’s and endorsed by Connecticut Children’s Executive Management Team, with special thanks to:

  • Kevin Borrup, DrPH, JD, MPA, Connecticut Children’s Injury Prevention Center
  • Danielle Chenard, MPH, Connecticut Children’s Research Operations & Development
  • Christopher Corcoran, Connecticut Children’s Healthy Homes Program
  • Susie DiVietro, PhD, Connecticut Children’s Injury Prevention Center
  • Debra Dudack, MS, Connecticut Children’s Marketing and Communications Department
  • Nilda Fernandez, LMSW, Hartford Youth HIV Identification and Linkage Consortium
  • Amy Hunter, PhD, MPH, Connecticut Children’s Injury Prevention Center
  • Danielle Warren-Dias, MS, HS-BCP, Hartford Youth HIV Identification and Linkage Consortium
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