Why I Dance: Briana’s Story

If there is one thing the Quinnipiac University community is most looking forward to this semester, it’s QTHON. The annual 12-hour dance marathon will be taking place on February 24th in Quinnipiac’s own recreation center. Many people who come to support QTHON have personal connections to the cause, and that is what makes the night so special for senior Briana Alicea.

If you know Briana, you know that she is the heart and soul of QTHON. Being one of the co-executive directors of QTHON 2018, she has been involved with the cause since her freshman year at Quinnipiac. The other co-executive director, Stephanie Rivera, also played a major role in how she got involved with QTHON to begin with.

“Stephanie was my roommate freshman year and her sister encouraged us to get involved and fundraise,” and the rest was history. Ever since then, Briana has played a vital role in the execution of QTHON, and her defining “why” moment came her junior year.

“Three years ago, I met Colin, his sister Ally and their wonderful parents at my first QTHON and was able to see the incredible effect it had on their family. Colin, who typically wears noise cancelling headphones at large, overwhelming events, felt comfortable enough to take them off at QTHON. This moment has stayed in my heart forever because I was able to help give Colin an unforgettable experience where he could enjoy QTHON just like everyone else. The family has a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to see them at QTHON 2018!”

After this, Briana immediately wanted to get more involved in the next year. Her sophomore year she was on the Public Relations Committee, junior year she became the Director of Marketing, and now she is a Co-Executive Director. As a part of the management team, QTHON is a very big commitment as a student but the desire to do all we can to raise money for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center is what motivates her.

QTHON has not only helped Briana develop her passion of helping others, but it has also allowed her to expand her professional and leadership experiences. Briana hopes to continue to stay involved in QTHON as an alumni through fundraising support as well as offering advice to the future leaders of our organization in helping to make QTHON grow for many years to come.

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