Pillows With A Purpose

11-year-old Annika joins our blog to share why she loves sewing pillows for patients at Connecticut Children’s.

I’m Annika and I am 11–years-old.   I made a pillow for a family friend, Luke Dunn, after he was diagnosed with cancer a little after his first birthday. I wanted to help everyone in the family at this upsetting time by making a pillow for him. I believed it was the best gift I could give because it  was from my heart. On the pillow, I sewed “Love for Luke” with 2 small hearts on the side and one big heart in the center. I spoke with Luke’s Mom and Aunt and they told me that the pillow I had made for Luke always comforted him.

After I made that pillow, I realized how many sick children there were at Connecticut Children’s and wanted to help them all. So, I kept making pillows I thought would comfort them and gave them to other patients. I didn’t know these children but that didn’t matter to me, I just knew I was doing a nice thing and I am very proud of myself for the time and thought that I put in. It encouraged me to think about how happy I would make the kids who got my pillows.


I donated about 27 pillows to Connecticut Children’s this summer!  I would have loved to meet each patient who received my pillows, but I know that even if it didn’t light up their day, my family and friends are proud of me either way.





I love sewing so much I decided to keep making pillows because I don’t want to use my sewing talents (I think) to just make pillows for people who are healthy and not sick. I will try and keep sewing for as long as I can and give my best of support to the kids!


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