Vote for Kids: Here’s How You Can Make a Difference for Children’s Health

By Aimee Monroy Smith, Connecticut Children’s Senior Vice President of Government Relations and External Affairs

Lawn signs, nonstop political ads on television, social media, and the radio can only mean one thing — it’s election season! It is time to get involved and share your voice.

Be a Voice of Change for Kids! 

Be the first to know about legislative issues that  impact children.


Find the candidates who support the world you want. Our 2022 Voters’ Guide will help.

This November, you will have the opportunity to cast your ballot for state representative, state senator, governor, U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator.

There are dynamic elected officials right now at all levels of government who want to improve how and when children can access reliable and safe medical care. They also know that you have to be in it to win it.

I encourage you to find these elected officials, and support them. Kids can’t vote, but you can!

Connecticut Children’s created a 2022 Voters’ Guide to help: It’s full of tools to help you learn where candidates stand on key children’s issues, and how you can get involved in the process.

> Check out the 2022 Voters’ Guide

Your vote can support the laws and lawmakers that matter most to kids.

Aimee Monroy Smith poses with a poster explaining why it's important to vote with kids in mind

Elected officials make laws that govern most aspects of a child’s world. At Connecticut Children’s, we see the impact of governmental decision-making on children all the time – from where kids go to school to where they play outside to what food is available for them to eat. We work with elected officials to create a healthier world for kids.

For example, in partnership with our elected officials and the Injury Prevention Center, we have advocated for laws that help to keep kids safe.

These efforts have succeeded thanks to the support of elected officials – and the voters who elected them.

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By participating in this year’s elections, you have the opportunity to support programs and systems that help to close devastating healthcare gaps.

This task is more important than ever. There are significant disparities in how children can access physical and emotional care when they need it. Through our vote, we can challenge today’s system and support efforts to change the status quo.

We are fortunate to live in a country where we have a direct opportunity to engage in the policy-making process, to challenge how laws are made, and to take action in a way that supports those who don’t have a voice in the law-making process, such as our children.

One of the most powerful ways we can create a better world for kids is to vote.

Research, register, vote.

I recently received a really great voting poster through my town library calendar. It was of Paul Newman, a long-time Connecticut resident and supporter of organizations that help kids.

The poster includes the words Research, Register, Vote – underscoring the importance of understanding what you believe and which candidate is best situated to represent your views.

So I encourage you:

  1. Check out our 2022 Voters’ Guide.
  2. Register to vote.
  3. When you cast your vote this election day, keep kids top of mind.

Together, we can and will make a difference for children’s health.


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