eCheck-In for Your Appointment 

Skip the front desk and check in from your phone using MyChart’s Hello Patient feature. Connecticut Children’s is piloting Hello Patient at our Specialty Care Center in Glastonbury. If you have an upcoming appointment in Glastonbury, you will have the option to check in using your MyChart account. Follow the steps below to update your phone settings to use Hello Patient. 

Step 1: Download MyChart 

Getting started is easy! You need a MyChart account and the app installed on your mobile device.

Step 2: Update Your Phone Settings

In order to use Hello Patient, Notifications and Location Services must be enabled for your MyChart app. 

iOS Device

  • Open Settings
  • Select the MyChart app
  • Under “Allow MyChart to Access,” set Location to “Always” and set Notifications to “Immediate”

Android Device

  • Open Settings
  • Select Apps
  • Select MyChart
  • Select Notifications and toggle on “All MyChart notifications”
  • Select Permissions and set Location  to “Allowed all the time”

Step 3: Begin eCheck-In Process

eCheck-In is open three days before your appointment. Log in to your MyChart account (or your parent/proxy account if your child is under 18 years old), select the eCheck-In button, and complete registration ahead of time, including paying copays.

Screenshot of the eCheck-in button on the MyChart app.

If you choose to pay the copay later, you will have to visit the front desk upon arrival to the clinic to do so. Additionally, if you are receiving multiple services on the same day, you may need to complete an eCheck-In for each service. 

Step 4: When You Arrive, Let Us Know

  • When you arrive at the clinic, you should receive a notification on your phone. 
    Example of a phone notification stating that a patient family is near the clinic and can continue the eCheck-In process
  • Click the notification to open the MyChart app, log in to MyChart and go to your appointment.
  • Select the “We’re here” button. (The button will say “I’m here” if the MyChart account belongs to the patient.)
    Screenshot of example MyChart appointment with "We're Here" button to complete eCheck-In process
  • If you have completed eCheck-In, you will receive a confirmation message. You’re all set! Please have a seat in the waiting room until you are called.
    Confirmation message from MyChart that eCheck-In has successfully completed
  • If you missed a step, you will receive a message from MyChart prompting you to go to the front desk to complete your registration. 
    MyChart notification telling patient family they need to proceed to the front desk to complete their registration
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