Asianae’s Story | Cerebal Palsy | Neurology

By Danielle Ficocelli, Asianae’s mom

She came into the world premature at 4lbs 6oz on May 11, 2010. From that day, I knew, as a mother, there was something wrong with her. I left many pediatricians and insisted on seeing a specialist until I found answers. We ended up at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, seeing a wonderful Neurologist. Finally at 9-months-old my answer was given, “Asianae’ had suffered a stroke” and the MRI proved that.

The wonderful genius of a doctor (I thank him with all my heart) that saw us that day, has continued on this intense roller coaster with us. Connecticut Children’s was and still is Asia’s second home and we are grateful for all the amazing doctors, from G.I. to ENT, Ortho and Hemoc that follow her still today. This team has watched Asia grow, helping her to reach goals and set new ones, which keep her moving forward. Like the ER team, who cared for Asianae’ when she needed them the most.

As a baby, Asianae’ was continuously gasping for air. We were not aware at the time, but tests at Connecticut Children’s would show that her esophagus had not fully developed. When she didn’t sleep and instead had unusual starring spells that lasted well into the day, the ER team put another piece of the puzzle together, ruling out seizures and concluding it behavioral.

This led us down another path, but helped to answer questions that would follow as she grew older and the difficult time we would experience. I can go on and on about “OUR” endless emotional journey that we have been on with Asia. From the thought of not knowing if or when she would walk, to her being able to use her left hand and most recently, her unique behaviors that today I have grown to accept and LOVE. Asianae’ is the strongest, most determined, charming little girl I have ever known. Today, after 3 long years of continuous doctor appointments, therapy sessions, Botox injections, different AFOs (shout out to HANGER),hand splints and a lot of tears (both sad and happy), Asianae’ has overcome so much!

With the knowledge from Connecticut Children’s and the energy and willpower that I continue to give as her mother, Asianae’ is able to walk today and continues to play among her peers in school with a smile!

asia-2Today ASD and Cerebral Palsy follow Asia, but as she continues to achieve her goals with guidance from Connecticut Children’s, she continues to show progress! WE WILL ALWAYS KEEP HOPE! We thank you Connecticut Children’s!

By the way, Asia’s exciting new plan is trying the Walk-Aide! I am so happy, and so is she! Asia knows that it will help her from not falling as much. To anyone out there who has a loved one that struggles in life with any type of diagnosis/illness, I give you hope to hold onto. Staying strong is not easy, however it is so worth it. We are all our kids have, so please keep fighting!

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