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Frank shares his journey with Ulcerative Colitis and why he created a Go Fund Me page to give back to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2007, and have had a long road to get myself back to good health. I know many who are affected by Crohn’s disease as well, and wanted to give back to help all the children and adults battling these temperamental diseases.

In 2008, my gastroenterologist took over as my lead doctor when I was hospitalized with unrelated pancreatitis, (inflammation of the pancreas). Well, it put my colitis into a flare up, shutting down my main organs. Not too long after, I was put on a picc-line for nutrition which ended up developing an infection.

Just when I thought things were at its worst, I developed a blood clot in my sagittal sinus (which I believe drains blood from the brain). Dr. Jeffrey Hyams, my gastroenterologist, who knew me and my body better than any of the other doctors, went above and beyond to get me all the treatment I needed. After 26 days I was discharged, where I had to give myself blood thinner shots twice a day because I could not ingest the oral blood thinners due to my colitis.

I began my freshman year of high school two days after being released at 104 lbs. My friends were very supportive and kept my spirits up when I was self-conscious. Dr. Hyams continued to keep a close watch on all of my symptoms while I was home, which meant a lot to my family and I. That span of time in the hospital was very hard for me, and the whole staff at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center went above and beyond their duties as nurses and doctors to care for me.

In 2009 I began a new infusion medicine called Remicade, when my last option I was faced with was to go ahead and have, “the surgery.” After 6 years, I am now in remission, healthy, and very thankful for the staff at Connecticut Children’s, including my nurse Erin, who always took time to talk to me and make me laugh, and Dr. Jeffrey Hyams, for being confident that we would get my colitis under control no matter what it took.

We often get blinded by our everyday routine, and I wanted to raise money and give back to the community that helped me when I was dealt a bad deck of cards. I feel it’s important to remember your roots and I hope together we can help cure this disease. Special thank you to everybody who contributed and helped donate!

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