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The Curbside Consult

Connecticut Children’s presents The Curbside Consult, where once a month, for about 30 minutes, physicians take an in-depth look into a condition that is impacting their patients. Each episode will include a specialist who can further discuss each case, and a patient to elaborate on their experience. This podcast helps parents and their children learn more about common pediatric conditions. It also provides a quick way for medical professionals to learn about specific cases that may help them take better care of their patients. If you have a suggestion for a future topic for The Curbside Consult, please email us.

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Episode 10: Coronavirus, Social Distancing and Staying Healthy

Host Patricia Garcia, MD, joins John Schreiber, MD, interim chief of the division of Infectious Diseases, to discuss the most pressing questions about coronavirus. Connecticut Children’s is committed to the health of our patients, families and communities. Pediatricians looking for more information can visit

Episode 9: Discussing Children’s Eye Health

Dr. Paul Rychwalski, division head of ophthalmology, performs an eye exam on a patient.

Host Patricia Garcia, MD, is joined by Division Head of Ophthalmology Paul Rychwalski, MD, to discuss children’s eye health and vision impairments. The two discuss what a proper vision screening looks like, and the differences between an optometrist who sees children and a pediatric ophthalmologist. Also on the show is Laura, a 13-year old patient who discusses the care she received here at Connecticut Children’s.

Episode 8: When a Cough Becomes Something Serious

Host Patricia Garcia, MD, is joined by hospitalist Allyson McDermott, MD, and a patient’s parent to discuss bronchiolitis and the care involved when a patient is admitted to the hospital. During this episode, Dr. McDermott talks about the diagnosis process as well as signs or symptoms that would constitute a visit to the ED.

Episode 7: Gender Dysphoria

Dr. Priya Phulwani is pictured with one of her patients. Host Patricia Garcia, MD, is joined by endocrinologist Priya Phulwani, MD, and her patient Eva to discuss gender dysphoria. Eva shares her story and Dr. Phulwani talks about the importance of having a gender dysphoria program at Connecticut Children’s.

Episode 6: Weight Management: Childhood Psychology and Nutrition

Host Patricia Garcia, MD, is joined by psychologist Melissa Santos, PhD, and weight management physician Jessica Williams, MD, to discuss the multidisciplinary services provided by the Pediatric Obesity Center, the methods of implementing a healthier lifestyle, and how to engage kids in understanding the importance of nutrition.


Episode 5: Abnormal Periods: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatments

Connecticut Children’s Division Head of Adolescent Medicine, Alyssa Bennett, MD, joins host Patricia Garcia, MD MPH, to discuss abnormal uterine bleeding The condition is common—affecting about 1 in every 100 people with a menstrual cycle—and fortunately there are multiple treatments. Drs. Bennett and Garcia also talk with Morgan, a 16-year-old patient who experienced abnormal periods. Morgan shares her perspective as a high school student and the method of treatment that worked best for her.


Episode 4: Gavin’s Strength: The Road to Recovery from Childhood Cancer


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Host Patricia Garcia, MD MPH, sits down with Natalie Bezler, MD, a hematologist and oncologist at Connecticut Children’s, to discuss leukemia and its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. The mom of one of Dr. Bezler’s patients also gets on the mic to talk about the diagnosis and treatment process from a patient and parent perspective.

Episode 3: Hannah’s Heartbeat

Connecticut Children’s cardiologist Seth Lapuk, MD, joins host Patricia Garcia, MD, to discuss heart murmurs. The two physicians are joined by Hannah, a patient, and her family to discuss their experience at with the Division of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery.


Episode 2: Sweet Dreams

Host Patricia Garcia, MD, is joined by Connecticut Children’s sleep psychologist, Lynelle Schneeberg, PsyD, to discuss common sleep issues. Dr. Schneeberg talks about what you should and shouldn’t keep in your child’s bedroom, following the “5 B’s” at bedtime, and her forthcoming book called Become Your Child’s Sleep Coach. The episode also includes a discussion with Chloe, a former patient of Dr. Schneeberg, and her mom, Samantha.

Episode 1: Lyme disease: Myths, Misconceptions, Symptoms and Treatment

On this episode, Connecticut Children’s Division Head of Rheumatology Larry Zemel, MD, talks to host Trish Garcia, MD, about Lyme disease. The conversation touches on everything from myths and misconceptions to symptoms and treatment. Then, we hear from Austin, a patient of Dr. Zemel, who speaks about his experience with Lyme disease and the care he received here at Connecticut Children’s.

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