Connecticut Children’s Medical Center’s main campus is located at 282 Washington Street in Hartford, Connecticut.

Nutrition and Clinical Database

The Connecticut Human Milk Research Center is creating a research database that will be used to evaluate at least 15 epidemiological questions related to donor human milk use and clinical, growth and neurodevelopmental outcomes.

Clinical and feeding data will be collected from all infants eligible to receive donor human milk . Follow-up will occur daily until NICU discharge. Specifically, data points will include:

  • Maternal demographics
  • Maternal labor and delivery data
  • Amount of mother’s own milk, donor human milk and/or formula received
  • Infant clinical outcomes
  • Infant severity/acuity outcomes
  • Infant growth outcomes

In a subsample of this age/birth weight cohort, data from the NICU stay will be merged with follow-up data collected through post-discharge phone calls, transitional clinics and follow-up clinic visits. This approach will provide a rich source of information to characterize long-term feeding, growth and neurodevelopmental outcomes.

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