Connecticut Children’s Medical Center’s main campus is located at 282 Washington Street in Hartford, Connecticut.

Human Research Protection Program Announcements

Checking the Status of Protocol Submissions
Check the status of your protocol submissions in IRBManager. Protocol submissions are not processed for review until the IRB staff receives all of the required conflict of interest disclosures. Research personnel will receive an email with instructions when protocol submissions enter the Conflict of Interest stage. The email includes a link to view the status of the conflict of interest disclosures in IRBManager. Research personnel can use this link to check IRBManager for the names of research staff that did or did not submit the conflict of interest disclosures. Complete submission of a conflict of interest disclosure requires an individual to sign off to confirm that the information reported in their annual Disclosure of Significant Financial Interests is accurate and does not need to be modified or by submitting a modification to their existing disclosure.

Research personnel associated with a given study may check the status of any protocol submissions including new applications, amendments, continuing reviews, reportable new information, exempt determinations, and human subject research determinations by going into the event and looking at the “Event Steps” to see what steps have been completed and what still need to be done.

Connecticut Children’s Scientific Review Committee Waivers and NIH Peer Reviewed Research
The Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Scientific Review Committee (SRC) has the discretion to accept National Institutes of Health (NIH) peer reviews in lieu of conducting an additional scientific review. For NIH peer reviewed research, please submit the following documents to the Scientific Review Committee:

  • NIH grant application (the budget section is not required)
  • NIH peer review comments
  • NIH assigned score

The SRC may or may not request changes to the research. The SRC may advise the IRB if significant issues are raised either during the NIH peer review or the Connecticut Children’s scientific review that warrant consideration. The SRC will communicate with the IRB on a case-by-case basis for NIH peer reviewed applications.

Consent Forms – Version Control
Please remember to include a version date on the consent forms. Doing so will help research personnel to submit the correct versions of the consent forms and will help the IRB to determine whether the correct versions of the consent form were submitted for review.

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