SRC Chair
Kathy Herbst

SRC Administrative Assistant
Brenda Labbe

Scientific Review Committee

The Scientific Review Committee (SRC) of the Department of Research reviews investigator-initiated research proposals prior to submission to the Institutional Review Board (IRB). The mission of the Scientific Review Committee is to improve children’s health by providing guidance and expertise to investigators at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in the development of high quality, feasible, and impactful research studies.

The Committee’s goal is to ensure investigators are successful in conducting high quality, high impact research studies by reviewing proposed research methodology and making recommendations for improvement. The Committee is comprised of Research Scientists and Research Associates from the Departments of Research and Nursing Research.

All studies require SRC approval before submission to the IRB except:

  • Multi-centered studies where Connecticut Children’s is a participating site, NOT the lead site.
  • Studies determined to be non-human subjects research. Determination of this status must come from the IRB.
  • Federally funded or other grant funded studies which have undergone scientific review during the grant review process. If not federally funded, determination of this status must come from the SRC and IRB.

If you feel that your study is exempt from SRC review, contact the SRC for determination instructions and to obtain a waiver. Please note that, while the majority of the above studies do not require SRC review, the IRB may request SRC review in some circumstances.

The SRC meets every Tuesday at 11:00 am, with the exception of the week between Christmas and the New Year. Meetings are held at 10 Columbus Blvd in Hartford, conference room #5204.

Deadline for submission is Thursdays at noon. Studies received by this time will be reviewed at the following weeks’ meeting.

All studies submitted for scientific review must have a written protocol. There is no required format and there is no length requirement. However, the SRC encourages the use of protocol templates provided by the Department of Research to ensure all study components are addressed.

The protocol is a blueprint for a study. If written correctly, anyone should be able to follow the protocol and duplicate the study. Research staff are available to assist with protocol development.

All protocols must include a cover page that includes the study title and study personnel with contact information. Studies involving the NICU must have approval from the Division head. Student or Trainee studies must have a faculty advisor, and the advisor must approve the protocol before submission to the SRC.

Signoff space for both of these instances is found on the cover page. The cover page is included as the first page of the protocol template. If using your own protocol format, download the cover page below.

Student or Trainees are required to attend the SRC review. Investigators who are not a student or trainee are encouraged, but not required, to attend review. However, the review process is facilitated by having a member of the study group in attendance to answer any questions or provide details to the Committee.

To submit a protocol for SRC Review, email the cover page, protocol, and all other pertinent study documents, such as surveys or data collection forms (drafts are acceptable), to Brenda Labbe.

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