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Developmental Pediatrics Programs & Services

Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation

Connecticut Children’s acute inpatient rehabilitation service provides comprehensive care to children and adolescents who may be affected by brain injuries resulting from an accident, illness or stroke.We also provide rehabilitation for children with spinal cord injuries, or those who have residual effects of serious medical conditions and/or major surgery. Learn more about Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation »

Autism Spectrum Assessment Program

Connecticut Children’s Autism Spectrum Assessment Program (ASAP) provides an initial evaluation of children with suspected autism so that appropriate early intervention services can be implemented. Learn more about ASAP »

Developmental Transition Program

Connecticut Children’s division of Developmental and Rehabilitation Medicine offers a Transition to Adulthood with Developmental Supports Clinic for individuals with developmental-behavioral disabilities ages 15 to 26 years and their families. Learn more about the Developmental Transition Program »

Integrative Medicine Program

Connecticut Children’s Integrative Medicine Program combines traditional medicine with contemporary therapies, such as breathing techniques, guided imagery, hypnosis, biofeedback, and inpatient massage therapy. Learn more about Integrative Medicine »

Preschool Evaluation Program

The Preschool Evaluation Program (PEP) evaluates children under five years old to develop a complete, in-depth understanding of the child’s current level of functioning. Learn more about the Preschool Evaluation Program »

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