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What to Expect

Before Your Visit

  • Our office will call you to gather some information about your child and to determine which specialists will be part of your child’s feeding team.
  • In addition to utensils from home, parents are asked to bring familiar foods that their child enjoys along with some that are challenging
  • Parents are encouraged to bring other service providers who are involved in their child’s feeding to the appointment (e.g. Birth-to-Three interventionists, school and community therapists, and/or teachers) to collaborate with the team

During Your Visit

  • Parents will be asked to feed their child to promote a level of comfort and to allow for observation of feeding interactions between parent and child
  • As your child becomes more comfortable in the setting, the therapists may assist with feeding to gather more specific information and to try a variety of alternative techniques
  • Special utensils or additional foods may be offered if necessary
  • A personalized feeding plan will be provided at the end of your visit

After Your Visit

  • Should your child need treatment, therapy may be provided by Connecticut Children’s departments of occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, clinical nutrition or in the community
  • A follow-up visit with the Feeding Team may be recommended
  • Following discussion with the primary care or referring physician, additional consultations may be recommended
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