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Spine, Hand, Hip & Foot


Our treatments for scoliosis and other spinal deformities include MAGEC growing rods, a system that uses surgically implanted magnetic rods and an external remote control to brace the spine during growth and minimize the progression of scoliosis. In collaboration with neurosurgery, our pediatric orthopedic specialists evaluate and treat conditions such as idiopathic scoliosis, neuromuscular spine disease and congenital spinal deformity.

Our EOS x-ray machine is an ultra low-dose, 3-D imaging system that uses two to three times less radiation than conventional machines, while still producing high quality, detailed images. This machine is ideal for patients with scoliosis. It has the ability to scan your child sitting or standing, the optimal position for showing their natural, weight bearing posture for us to see the interaction between the joints and the rest of the musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine. Our facility is one of only seven in the country to feature an EOS imaging system.


Our hand surgery program is led by Sonia Chaudhry, MD, a specialist in hand and microvascular surgery, with an emphasis on congenital hand anomalies and finger injuries. She is an expert brachial plexus injuries, a highly specialized reconstruction procedure for a birth-related hand injury performed in conjunction with neurosurgery.


Complex reconstructive pelvic osteotomies such as Triple Innominate and Ganz (periacetabuar) osteotomies are performed routinely, along with hip arthroscopy. Connecticut Children’s highly skilled orthopedic surgeons take a unique approach to treat slipped capital femoral epiphysis, using a procedure offered in only a handful of children’s hospitals across the United States.


Our highly trained physicians manage a range of complex foot deformities, and are the only orthopedic specialists in Connecticut who are certified in the Ponseti method, a manipulative technique that corrects congenital clubfoot without invasive surgery.


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