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Pain Resources

Techniques to Comfort Your Child


  • Help from parents — massage, singing, music, rocking
  • Help from caregivers — swaddling in a blanket, pacifier dipped in sugar water for procedures


  • Help from parents — cuddling, blowing bubbles, telling stories, music
  • Help from caregivers — medical play before and after procedure, swaddling in a blanket

Pre-school age children

  • Help from parents — blowing bubbles, breathing, telling stories, videos, noisy toys
  • Help from caregivers — developmental explanations of procedure, a familiar person, medical play before and after procedure

School age children and teens

  • Help from parents — deep breathing, hand held video games, books, headphones with music
  • Help from caregivers — guided imagery, distraction

Injection Protection

Books for Parents of Children with Persistent Pain

When Your Child Hurts: Effective Strategies to Increase Comfort, Reduce Stress and Break the Cycle of Chronic Pain by Rachael Coakley, PhD

Additional Resources

Pain informational videos for children, teens and families with chronic pain


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