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Pediatric Psychology Programs & Services at Connecticut Children’s

Patients seen by many of the specialty programs and services at Connecticut Children’s have access to dedicated mental health care provided by our specialized pediatric psychologists. These psychologists are specially trained to provide mental health care for children, teens, and young adults affected by mental health conditions related to their diagnosis or treatment.

Cancer and Blood Disorders

Our pediatric psychologists provide a variety of inpatient and outpatient psychological services for patients within the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. Our team works closely with patients, their families, and specialists throughout Connecticut Children’s to address patients’ emotional and behavioral needs. Learn more about our psychology services for cancer and blood disorders patients >


Our Program for Pediatric Psychogastroenterology targets the complex relationship between the gut and the brain. Our pediatric psychologists help gastroenterology patients develop coping skills, learn new strategies for managing chronic GI conditions, and create individualized plans to improve quality of life. Learn more about our psychology services for gastroenterology patients >

Obesity and Weight Management

Our pediatric psychologists provide mental health support for patients undergoing surgical and non-surgical weight management treatment within Connecticut Children’s Pediatric Obesity Center for Treatment, Research and Education. Learn more about our psychology services for weight management patients >

Pain and Palliative Medicine

We offer psychological services to help children and adolescents manage the stress, anxiety, and other emotions that may be associated with chronic pain. Learn more about our psychology services for patients experiencing chronic pain >

Sleep Center

Our dedicated sleep psychologist is board-certified in Sleep Medicine and works alongside our sleep physicians to diagnose and treat sleep-related problems. Learn more about our sleep psychology services >

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