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Facial Trauma

An injury to your child’s face can be scary and alarming, but Connecticut Children’s will help you with every step of the healing process. At Connecticut Children’s Division of Plastic Surgery, we treat all types of facial injuries. If you suspect that your child has a facial injury, seek medical treatment immediately.

Facial trauma includes injuries to the soft tissue or bones of the face. This may be caused by sports injuries, animal bites, burns, car accidents, or other traumas. Your child will be assessed by the medical providers in the Emergency Department to determine the correct test and workup that may be needed.

If your child has been bitten by a dog or other animal, it is important to have a medical provider examine him or her immediately. Depending on the severity and location of the bite, antibiotics or surgical management by a plastic surgeon may be needed. You will likely follow up with the Division of Plastic Surgery at Connecticut Children’s for further evaluation after being evaluated in the Emergency Department.

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