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Elite Sports Medicine Athletic Training Residency Program

Elite Sports Medicine is the comprehensive, multidisciplinary sports medicine division of Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. It is geared toward the prevention and care of athletic injuries and serves the needs of adolescent and young adult athletes ages 10 to 30.

Elite Sports Medicine providers, each with their advanced training and experience, strive to protect and improve the performance of student-athletes through a variety and multitude of services, including:

  • Surgical and non-operative sports medicine
  • Extensive concussion education and management
  • Cutting-edge research
  • Sports physical therapy
  • Transitional therapy
  • Injury prevention programs
  • Nutrition
  • Casting/bracing/splinting

Elite Sports Medicine offers a 12-month Orthopedic Sports Medicine Residency for Certified Athletic Trainers that exposes the resident to a multitude of clinical, surgical, rehabilitative, research, outreach, and educational settings. The overall goals of this program are to educate and expose the resident to these settings to prepare him or her to become the quintessential physician extender and to become a more well-rounded and experienced asset to any athletic training room or sports medicine setting.

Curriculum components consist of exposing the resident to a variety of clinical, surgical, rehabilitative, research, outreach, and other educational settings/sessions. The resident will work alongside two fellowship-trained athletic trainers, rotating between two surgeons and two non-operative physicians as well as having rotations in physical therapy, at the Center for Motion Analysis (a modern motion analysis laboratory), and in other educational settings. The resident will be required to complete a research study and will be given the opportunity to join a group currently working on other research topics. They will attend and present at regularly scheduled weekly journal clubs, attend monthly research meetings, and be given the opportunity to earn additional pay at a variety of outreach events.

Residency Program Goals

  • To train the experienced athletic trainer to be a valuable and competent asset as a physician extender or athletic trainer in any clinical or sports medicine setting.
  • To provide the proper education opportunities within field of sports medicine.
  • To expose the athletic trainer to surgical, non-surgical, and rehabilitation techniques in adolescent and young adult sports medicine.
  • To understand the differences between the mature and immature musculoskeletal systems and how this affects treatment.
  • To become proficient with clinical skills (history, physical exam, study interpretation, concussion management, rehabilitation, and research).
  • To expose the athletic trainer to a multitude of didactic sessions (Center for Motion Analysis, operating room, cadaveric labs, suture labs, radiology, casting/bracing labs).
  • To expose the athletic trainer to conducting evidence-based research as well as interpreting the proper outcomes.

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