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Sports Medicine Patient Stories & Testimonials


Kerry Wood, former MLB pitcher

“I applaud the staff of the Elite Sports Medicine program at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center for conducting new research aimed ultimately at preventing injuries in young athletes and for sharing this vital information directly with adolescent and teen athletes, parents, coaches and others in the sports medicine community.”

Dan Orlovsky, NFL quarterback for the Detroit Lions

“I have watched teammates sidelined with ACL injuries my entire career and even as a young player. The work underway at Elite Sports Medicine will make such an amazing difference to improve the long-term health and safety of the next generation of athletes. As a Connecticut native, I am proud that such a remarkable new injury prevention program is available for student athletes in our state.”

Bill Decker, head coach baseball, Harvard University

“During my 20-plus years of playing and coaching baseball, I have become increasingly more aware and concerned when I see young players using poor throwing mechanics. The risk of injury dramatically increases when players exhibit poor mechanics, thus significantly reducing their chances of playing at the next level. Arm injuries can be avoided with proper care and mechanics. The program at Elite Sports Medicine will not only help young pitchers and throwers work to refine their motion, but also allow them to throw more safely and lower their risk of injury. I wish all of my current and past players had the opportunity to be involved with their Sports Injury Prevention Program before they arrived at Trinity College.”

Bill Mella, assistant coach varsity football, Avon Old Farms School

“Through my years as a player and now as a coach, I am increasingly aware of the growing number of injuries that occur on the football field. Worse for me is that they seem to be happening in younger and younger athletes, halting careers before they even begin. Elite Sports Medicine and their Sports Injury Prevention Program is working hard to find ways to prevent these injuries. I am pleased to be working with them and having them caring for my team.”

Paul D. Assaiante, men’s squash and tennis coach, Trinity College

“One of the biggest issues in trying to run a national championship program is injury prevention, injury care and rehab. So that our top athletes can be back in our lineup as quickly and safely as possible, Dr. Nissen and his ESM team have helped us immensely in this area. The result has been 11 consecutive undefeated years.”

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